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  1. Today at 1823 kills I got the trophy.. Thats what i called a 1000 kills trophy
  2. And after 1 1/2 month there dont fix something so simple... love to pubg...
  3. There was a hotfix in dec. But as you can see here in the forum or on reddit there are a lot people who don’t get the trophy as there limit. For example me 1000 kills trophy don’t achieve with 1650 kills. I buy the game after the hotfix. All other trophys works fine for me but 1000 kills don’t achieve. That’s sucks so much Btw.: at total I have 1754 kills with all sessions.
  4. So you need 1 1/2 month to fix it ?? That’s is a joke. You can‘t done 1000 kills in just 1 week... I’m not the only one who have the problem so you don’t listening to the community and that’s sucks ...
  5. @PUBG_Andymh5 thx for not fixing this problem in the new update... thx for everything...
  6. Hope so it will fixed soon... 30$ and no update now... Apex legends ‚Fortnite -> Free to play, every 2 weeks an update.... I wish I didn’t buy pubg but now I want to finish it.
  7. @PUBG_Andymh5 when it will be fix for it? Waiting since 1 mounth and nothing happen... no update ... nothing. Thx that apex legends and Fortnite bringing every week maybe every second week a update free to play and you bring nothing for 30$
  8. They working to fix it but we have to wait..
  9. 1653 kills now and nothing happen..... @PUBG_Andymh5 WHEN IS YOUR TEAM FIXING IT???? Thats sucks so much.. your are not able to fix it with a hotfix??? Idk why but many people have problems still after the hotfix. Did you ever test anything ? I did from January 22th (there are achieve the 100 kills trophy) between today 1500 kills... and don’t achieve 1000 kills
  10. Im now at 1600 kills in winter season 2019. in total 1700. There are some people who achieve it at 1800, the funny thing is I buy the game at 15th dec so after the hotfix. Got all trophies but the 1000 kills is missing. But it’s pubg and it’s famous for bugs and not fixing anything... Idk how long it takes to fix this but we have to wait until there fix it.
  11. That is what I called a 1000 kills trophy.....
  12. That is what I called a 1000 kill trophy......
  13. There are working on the problems. We have to wait until there fix it. Hope I can get soon the platinum..
  14. 1520 kills now. With last season 1615 and don’t achieve the 1000 kills trophy. i will stop playing it until you fix it. I’m not the only one who have an problem with it if you read the forum here and reddit. Bye
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