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  1. 11 hours ago, EliteSniper1352 said:

    What if PUBG Corp added a C4 Explosive Charge to the game, Would you like it? I sure would! We could plant them on door's, Floor's, and wall's. Setting the stage for neat 200 IQ traps, Awesome YouTube montages and so much more! So let me get back to my question, would you like to see it come to the game? 


    F no.Go play CoD if you want that crap. This is a game about skill, not leave it and forget it.

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  2. Just now, Officer Ovaries said:

    even with all its issues, this is the best BR out right now in terms of semi realism and mechanics.....They are making great progress!!!!

    i would even pay $60.00 for PUBG 2 if they could make it smoother and a couple new maps. (yes i know we already have new maps)


    I'm 100% with you on that. I still have a total blast playing this game, issues and all. Have close to 2k hours at this point, and still get the same thrill when playing.

  3. 1 minute ago, Mad_Hater said:


    99% of the time it's the people who are dropping hot who are saying this. Cause some other squad takes off with the nearest vehicles and then they whine.


    I pay no attention to these people. Hopefully BH won't either.


    We have single map select, which has literally ruined the game. You honestly think BH is capable of making solid decisions when issues arrive? :)

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  4. Just now, Mad_Hater said:

    As much as I think 6 man squads would be cool, you can't add another game type without screwing matchmaking further. It would have to be an event, on one map only. I do think it would be awesome though.


    @my_cholula I also don't think vehicles are an issue at all. With 6 people you should be able to find one. Once you find one vehicle it is very simple to find another. I like to drop on the edges of Erangel/Miramar and have not had any issues finding a vehicle in months.


    If you don't know where they are, then that's your problem, but in a 6 man squad, someone has some knowledge about vehicle placement no doubt. (hell the interactive map just TELLS you where they should be).


    I'm well aware of vehicle locations. My point is, we are already doing exactly this on squads, and people are still complaining about not enough vehicles. With this change, you would be doing this 100% of the time on some maps, instead of occasionally. Which exasperates an existing issue.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Officer Ovaries said:

    im not lying, i rarely use a car on Erangel. Maybe because i drop Pochinki, Yas, Water Town....man you make it sound like you are looking over my shoulder while im playing. just relax man..... If i dont use a car often , i dont use a care often. No need to call me a liar. 


    We get it, you only drop center of map. Which pretty much reinforces my previous response. The rest of us, however, do not.

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  6. 7 hours ago, fg101 said:

    My_cholula was you around when they had 8 man squad event? because that was quite possible the funniest time this game has ever seen, and it didnt bother us that 8 people couldnt fit in one car. thats why we have flare gun now


    Nope! Must have been a very short, temporary event. You know, the total opposite of a radical permanent change to the game.

  7. 4 hours ago, Officer Ovaries said:

    i am not one to be dropping zarki or any other far reaching place...Theres no reason to drop that far anymore. Just drop at any small compound and have the same chance of finding as good of gear as you would find at any other location....No need to go so far out.....


    Yes, lets ignore the majority of the map because I want to continue lying about not needing a car on Erengal.. LOL...

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  8. 51 minutes ago, MadMax1605 said:

    Ok I am not specifically saying six. It can be just increased to 5.

    Why it has to be 100. Who died and said it has to be 100.


    Because that's how the developers made it. It's also one of their biggest selling points.

    Again, increasing the team size breaks everything. What vehicle will the 5th player fit in?

  9. 1 minute ago, MadMax1605 said:

    no like in arcade it goes up and down. An even if it goes up 102 or down to 96 or 90. It will be different.


    Like i said, it doesn't work that way. 100 is not divisible by 6, thus you cannot have 6 man squads unless you completely change EVERYTHING.


    This is a 100 player game. Not 96, not 102.

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  10. 11 hours ago, MadMax1605 said:

    Many players I have met they have more than 3 friends they want to play with at a time. And increasing the squad's capacity will help in making the game more interesting and competitive. So I think a squad capacity of "6" will be something new and reasonable.


    Just, no. This would break so many things. How many 6 seaters do you see in the game? Does the player size go to 102 or drop to 96?

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  11. Just now, Sidartha said:


    I agree that's a good interim step and that may even work for a while but at some point that still might not be enough if PUBG continues to shrink it's playerbase. 


    The game is back to losing 10% of it's base every month. They have almost lost the entire uptick over Dec/January from Xmas/Vikendi.


    Unfortunately, they've needed to do something for many months, and it still hasn't happened.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Sidartha said:

     I do think that the number of queues in the game has had an exponentially impactful  effect on the game in a negative way as the playerbase has diminished and there will come a time (maybe sooner than anyone realizes) when those queues have to be reduced to keep the game viable.


    Which queues get the ax is the only question but it still seems like the least bad option to remove queues is map selection. That one option creates the most queues and would probably have the least impact if taken away. You could argue that taking away FPP would have a lesser impact and that might be true but it's only 2 queues so it wouldn't be as impactful. I also believe many people who want map selection would continue playing without it whereas I doubt most of the FPP players would keep playing if there was only TPP.


    None of the queues need to get the ax, they just need to rework the map select option. TPP has 12 queues, FPP has 12 queues (except in the regions that still do not offer FPP at all). Remove the ability to only select a single map, and require players to choose 2 maps at a minimum. This would cut the current queues in half or more.



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  13. Just now, Jawnys said:

    well im playing fpp only, im not sure if i would keep playing without fpp


    I was mostly being facetious. I just find it hilarious that the FPP posters here don't realize that PUBG is originally a TPP game, and the vast majority of players on it are TPP players. FPP, on all platforms, was added later (and it shows, FPP is horrid in PUBG compared to other FPP games).


    TPP is their focus, and should be, as the TPP player base is what makes or breaks this game moving forward.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Boodgemeister said:

    It's exactly because we don't have any meaningful ranked or reward system. And we're constantly splitting the community. Perspective, maps and shit. Only split we should have is ranked and normal. Normal should be TPP and ranked FPP. Loot balance and circles should change, to be more consistent for competitive rules. TPP could be "fun" mode.
    I strayed way off topic.
    My point is: I noticed too either Shroud clones or people with autism and no middle ground, also. I think it's because of lack of a good matchmaking system.


    FPP is mostly irrelevant, hardly anyone plays it. I'd rather see a meaningful TPP ranking and just go back to the core and get rid of FPP altogether.

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