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  1. The population continues to fall, the entire bump from Vikendi release / Christmas has already left the game.
  2. my_cholula

    Not able to buy uc.

    You're on the wrong website. This site has nothing to do with PUBGM. You want Tencents site.
  3. Will never happen. That costs them money. Would be a horrible business decision. There is no longer a population to support it. BlueHole has literally stated repeatedly that the game couldn't support single map select when there was 3 million players and only 2 maps. Now we have less then 1 million players and 4 maps. The problem is obvious. As the game continues to lose players, they will be forced to remove single map select at some point. It's a forgone conclusion.
  4. Current NA/TPP. Recent "changes" had zero affect.
  5. I blocked that twit ages ago. Completely clueless.
  6. my_cholula

    Flare gun question

    And remember, it doesn't go straight up and come straight down. be ready to hoof it a good distance to go grab it. (i.e. strategic placement).
  7. my_cholula

    Flare gun question

    You cant shoot a flare until the first circle closes. Once closed only x packages/vehicles are available (It shows ingame). If you are inside the next circle, you can get an airdrop. You have to be the first one to shoot it off if only 1 package is available.. If you are outside of the next circle, (but not in the blue, I do believe) you can shoot it off and get an armored vehicle.
  8. Doubtful. NA/FPP is a pretty small contingent of people as it is. I'm betting they all log in and see the same thing, and then log out.
  9. my_cholula

    Explosive Charge - Weapon Suggestion

    F no.Go play CoD if you want that crap. This is a game about skill, not leave it and forget it.
  10. But but but you told all of us that it was fixed on live and that you could totally tell that they fixed it!! FPS/DPS is still a non issue.
  11. my_cholula

    Need more x3 x4 sights

    Exactly. The best shopping experience is looting someones box who brought you everything you need!
  12. my_cholula

    Increasing replay limits!

    Interesting. I assumed they were used for cheats, etc, and thus stored on a server. Thanks for the info!
  13. my_cholula

    Look!! Matchmaking fixed

    Same here. been playing at the same time daily for over a year now.
  14. my_cholula

    Hardware ban work

    I don't think this would work. Unless my understanding of the infrastructure is incorrect, all Chinese players are using VPN's to play the game, as they do not have an actual server in China (the game is still banned in China as far as I know). So pretty much all of China is coming into the game from the same sets of IP's (the VPN they use).
  15. my_cholula

    Hardware ban work

    Just because you don't have the knowledge doesn't mean I am wrong. I suggest you do a little research on Software Restriction Policy, and whitelisting. Any competent IT person uses this to do exactly what I have described.
  16. my_cholula

    How do you combat high ping players?

    In other words, you don't have a clue, and you're hoping someone else will back you up. Got it.
  17. my_cholula

    Hardware ban work

    Just like any business, the PC can be completely controlled by the administrator. You can make it impossible to install a cheat or run an unauthorized program on any PC. Non admins can only launch what an admin has installed. ANY executable (doesn't need to be installed) can be required to have Admin authorization.
  18. my_cholula

    Hardware ban work

    Typically, I'd say they'd all come from the same IP address. When you have 20-30 simultaneous connections sharing the same IP, it's either a public location, university etc, or a VPN.
  19. my_cholula

    How do you combat high ping players?

    Except that has nothing to do with high ping. That would be true in ANY scenario. If anyone, high or low ping, gets the drop on you and shreds you, you're going to die. Ping has nothing to do with it. Again, there is NO advantage, period, to high ping.
  20. my_cholula

    Custom Games Minimum Player Count

    Every match costs them money. Why on earth would you think they'd let you start a match with no players?
  21. my_cholula

    How do you combat high ping players?

    Yes, it is that simple. Even when a high ping gets the drop on you, your reaction will process well before their reaction.
  22. my_cholula

    Idea: CBJ-MS (SMG/AR)

    Why are you spamming the PC forum with weapons when you don't even play the game? Shouldn't you be on the tencent site, which are the developers of PUBGM?
  23. my_cholula

    Map Select Changes LIVE!!

    Nothing changed whatsoever. Same crap, different day. Time to get rid of single map select and quit screwing around.
  24. my_cholula

    Increasing replay limits!

    I would highly doubt it. While that may seem like a small amount for you, what about the millions of game played every month by millions of people?