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  1. The game is back to losing 10% of it's base every month. They have almost lost the entire uptick over Dec/January from Xmas/Vikendi. Unfortunately, they've needed to do something for many months, and it still hasn't happened.
  2. None of the queues need to get the ax, they just need to rework the map select option. TPP has 12 queues, FPP has 12 queues (except in the regions that still do not offer FPP at all). Remove the ability to only select a single map, and require players to choose 2 maps at a minimum. This would cut the current queues in half or more.
  3. I was mostly being facetious. I just find it hilarious that the FPP posters here don't realize that PUBG is originally a TPP game, and the vast majority of players on it are TPP players. FPP, on all platforms, was added later (and it shows, FPP is horrid in PUBG compared to other FPP games). TPP is their focus, and should be, as the TPP player base is what makes or breaks this game moving forward.
  4. You could have just as easily said: I have no argument, so I'll make a snarky comment and hope I don't get called out on it.
  5. You're not a large portion of the playerbase. Less then 15% of the worldwide player base plays FPP.
  6. FPP is mostly irrelevant, hardly anyone plays it. I'd rather see a meaningful TPP ranking and just go back to the core and get rid of FPP altogether.
  7. The only thing PUBG and Apex have in common is that they are BR's. That's it. I do not want PUBG to be anything like Apex. Apex fits nicely in with Fortnite. Kids games, cartoonie arcade shooters. Absolutely no reason to compare a free to play arcade style unrealistic BR with PUBG.
  8. Sadly, the game no longer has the population to support any meaningful ranking. Moreso while allowing single map select to stick around.
  9. I'll second that. Love watching people get blown up in or around vehicles..
  10. You have multiple issues at play. First, realize that PUBG does not have an actual server inside China. They aren't allowed to. Thus, all Chinese players are using a "Game Booster" (aka VPN) to play to access PUBG servers outside of the Great Firewall of China. Second, the Chinese culture encourages cheating. They do not view it the same way as other cultures. It's the norm. It's encouraged. Sadly, it is also PUBG's biggest market.
  11. I'd take it a step further and remove numbers completely.
  12. I'm not worried about anything, I'm pointing out a flaw in a business decision. You can't flip flop on stuff like this, the ONLY thing it does is piss people off.
  13. Yeah, and that's a poor business practice. The stance should be straight forward and consistent. No 3rd party apps that give any sort of an advantage, period.
  14. That's today's version. What happens when next months updated version allows you to pinpoint footstep over all sound? Or pinpoint a gunshot over all other sounds?
  15. And that is the definition of horrible customer service. No company can require you to consistently visit any external site often enough to keep up on it. That's unrealistic. So they fire up the game, their app is detected and they get banned. Yeah, that goes over really well.
  16. Then isn't that a really REALLY shortsighted decision by the devs? Say they improve it in a couple of versions down the road, and it turns into pinpoint accuracy app. Are you going to start banning people that don't read the forums that were already told they could use it? Not a smart decision, at all.
  17. Thank you for the explanation. Seems more like a slippery slope.
  18. Then you guys better explain yourselves. That's clearly a violation of the rules. Why is it being allowed?
  19. Doesn't matter if its a huge green arrow or a little tiny one. It's still cheating and a bannable offense.
  20. It's entirely different to also have a visual representation pointing to the location/direction of the sound.
  21. You can absolutely be banned for that. You cannot use anything that gives you any advantage that everyone else does not have.
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