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  1. Yes, lets ignore the majority of the map because I want to continue lying about not needing a car on Erengal.. LOL...
  2. First, I didn't say squat about Sanhok camping. Though I will gladly argue that sanhok is by for the most camped map. And it's not even debatable. Second, people do NOT camp when they are under prepared. They continue looting as fast as they can to survive. Claiming otherwise tells me you don't know the game very well. More loot = more prepared = easier kills when camping. And that's not what we want to happen to Erengal. As for most TPP players, we prefer to do our shopping off your corpse, thank you very much. Why waste time looting when you can have someone do it for you?
  3. Loot tables and queue mechanics have absolutely nothing in common. Fixing one does not fix the other, or help the other, at all. The queue problem is an overall population problem. The game cannot support single map select. The devs have repeatedly stated that. It needs to go away, period. Hot dropping is nowhere near as prevalent as it was prior to that change. the change did exactly what they hoped it would. Much less people HDing.
  4. And people already complain there aren't enough vehicles. yeah, that's a solution, now find *2* instead of one. Use your head please, for a change.
  5. Your FPS is dependant on your computer, nothing PUBG can do to help you with that other then more optimization (which they need) but that's an overall change, not a "last 50" change. And yes, the stupid FPS drops need to be fixed.
  6. ^^^ This. Sanhok is a snakefest/campfest. No reason to move when you have a full load out in a house or 2. Boring.
  7. Then they lose bragging rights, which is huge to PUBG. This is a 100 player BR. No one else can claim that.
  8. Because that's how the developers made it. It's also one of their biggest selling points. Again, increasing the team size breaks everything. What vehicle will the 5th player fit in?
  9. Like i said, it doesn't work that way. 100 is not divisible by 6, thus you cannot have 6 man squads unless you completely change EVERYTHING. This is a 100 player game. Not 96, not 102.
  10. It doesn't go up or down in any modes. It's a static 100.
  11. Just, no. This would break so many things. How many 6 seaters do you see in the game? Does the player size go to 102 or drop to 96?
  12. Erengal + more loot = camping. Please do not mess with loot on Erengal. It is fine, just like it is. Erengal sold over 30 million copies of the game. It's obvious working as intended. Sanhok dumbed down the game, as well as a good chunk of the players. Erengal is NOT Sanhok. Please do not emulate that pile of crap on the bigger maps.
  13. Because in every instance of the game outside of the first 30 seconds to 1 minute, shotguns are 100% useless. No one in their right mind would carry one, regardless of it's ammo, past the first minute or so of gameplay.
  14. Sadly, not banning because its a public computer completely defeats the effectiveness of hardware ID bans. From what I understand, the vast majority of players in China (who are also the vast majority of cheaters) all use public PC's to play. That policy needs to change. Cheating is cheating. If a PC cafe in China is going to allow cheats to be installed on their PC's, they can also suffer the consequences of it.
  15. The game is back to losing 10% of it's base every month. They have almost lost the entire uptick over Dec/January from Xmas/Vikendi. Unfortunately, they've needed to do something for many months, and it still hasn't happened.
  16. None of the queues need to get the ax, they just need to rework the map select option. TPP has 12 queues, FPP has 12 queues (except in the regions that still do not offer FPP at all). Remove the ability to only select a single map, and require players to choose 2 maps at a minimum. This would cut the current queues in half or more.
  17. I was mostly being facetious. I just find it hilarious that the FPP posters here don't realize that PUBG is originally a TPP game, and the vast majority of players on it are TPP players. FPP, on all platforms, was added later (and it shows, FPP is horrid in PUBG compared to other FPP games). TPP is their focus, and should be, as the TPP player base is what makes or breaks this game moving forward.
  18. You could have just as easily said: I have no argument, so I'll make a snarky comment and hope I don't get called out on it.
  19. You're not a large portion of the playerbase. Less then 15% of the worldwide player base plays FPP.
  20. FPP is mostly irrelevant, hardly anyone plays it. I'd rather see a meaningful TPP ranking and just go back to the core and get rid of FPP altogether.
  21. The only thing PUBG and Apex have in common is that they are BR's. That's it. I do not want PUBG to be anything like Apex. Apex fits nicely in with Fortnite. Kids games, cartoonie arcade shooters. Absolutely no reason to compare a free to play arcade style unrealistic BR with PUBG.
  22. Sadly, the game no longer has the population to support any meaningful ranking. Moreso while allowing single map select to stick around.
  23. I'll second that. Love watching people get blown up in or around vehicles..
  24. I've run into it during non peak hours on NA (usually when the servers full of Asians).
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