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  1. I love the beryl. even more now with that toxic skin. Had to spend a lot of time at the training ground to get used to his power and I use it with my AR setup: canted sight + 3x, vertical grip, flash hider or comp
  2. Read patch update #30 notes from pc. that radio messages system is a apex like ping thing. my comment come from that notes. this week we will get tactical markers, on next one this thing will likely come too.
  3. what gives a squad a chance to win is the ability to play and speak as a team. you got to feel and play your squad no mic? play solo. pin system is like an aim assist for bad squads
  4. Since the last update i'm happily finding more fpp games. Not a healty situation for fpp still but at least for few hours it works. Best times i can find a game are: weekends, 9pm till 3am CEST.
  5. canted + 3x is like a great beer to have with that chicken
  6. 2 months old xbox x + ssd here. I can confirm the same situation, fan goes crazy with pubg
  7. @PUBG_Andymh5 just had a crash while in the waiting room of a war mode. screen froze in the warmode squads menu and the classic freeze sound started. after restarting the game I got back and the match was started already. game id is now 7BA2B0
  8. I cnt get to access my xbox account, reddit and whatsapp seem down as well
  9. I really like the ledge addition and somehow also the gas can. gas can exploding by bullets do happen in rl as well. 👍 The new vehicle is rad!! I really dislike the radio pin system 👎
  10. Pubg on next gen consoles should play perfectly. If they ever release pubg2 we gotta wait for two next gens to run it ok I'm afraid 🤣
  11. N5 definetly the best 👌
  12. @PUBG_Andymh5 game @ 401.7.1.54-11840A-EU played really awfull with desync
  13. I'm from Italy and recently have been happy to find fpp games to start! What is crazy is FPP servers are based in NA and play better than EU servers from my location...... 🤔
  14. Since the last update I have died 3x times more by nades, somehow there are more nades spawning now. I like to use them, yet it's annoying af to get nade showers at the end of each game. Make them more hard to find would be good / limit the number. Otherwise make them boom if I shoot them at the player carrying them to make it fair
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