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  1. Fritt0

    Explain this one...

    that is an extreme luck moment.... looks like his hits registered twice a damage. rewatched it at 0.25x speed and i don't know what to say, it's confusing how lucky were those 9 bullets only running soft aim
  2. Fritt0

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Been playing some games and waited some days before writing my experience. For the first time my x1x is showing stuttering and low frame rate at first minutes, expecially when many are parachuting in the same area. Sometimes I freeze for few seconds after the landing. my setup is X1x + ssd + wired low ping connection + 1ms monitor / before patch 6 everything was wayyyyy smoother
  3. Fritt0

    Congrats pubg

    Stuttering and low frame rate at first minutes here as well, expecially when many are parachuting in the same area. my setup is X1x + ssd + wired low ping connection + 1ms monitor
  4. Fritt0

    Duplicate throwables glitch.

    Send your cv to bluehole and be hired as social media manager. To me having the new coming within 5 hours does not make any difference. the hotfix includes a good improvement. dont have to complain at every little mistake
  5. Fritt0

    Duplicate throwables glitch.

    5 hours delay isn't that much of a gap.
  6. Fritt0

    Duplicate throwables glitch.

    andy actually wrote on the Forum a day ago.
  7. Fritt0

    Elite controller

    I got a refurbished one last week. It's worth every penny! right stick setting on smooth and two paddles on the back for crouching and jumping. Its awesome for gaming with pubg or bfv
  8. Fritt0

    FPP NA....

    i always try to get into an fpp game everytime I start my X1. Then I end up playing tpp since i can't find any game during european dinner times silly
  9. If I keep "forward running sensitivity" at default settings 20 jumping from the plane is correct and flawlessy. I like to move with "forward running sensitivity" at 10. Problem is when I jump my distance is half as normal. Can't jump more than 500/800m from the plane if set at 10. I have to manually change to 10 everytime i land....... annoying Not 100% sure if this is the cause of short jumps, but I noticed it jumps correct if set at 20.
  10. Fritt0

    Who does the thinking at PUBG?

    mobile has an emulator version as well. emulators have their own lobby and when you login to the game you read a message saying "emulator detected". don't ever try to play m&k or controller within your phone. you will need an app to workout the inputs but this will lead you to a fast ban from the game. mobile version is intended only for mobile. emulators go to emulator mode. try mix = ban, and they ban
  11. Fritt0

    Who does the thinking at PUBG?

    Pubg Lite is developed by Bluehole
  12. yeah challanges are silly. I got 3 blu prizes, the only one i will not get is the scar
  13. 102 here, i did fully complete 8 weeks out of ten. some missions are really stupid. honestly i did not enjoy doing many of them, if missions dont become more fun i wont buy next pass
  14. Fritt0

    Is team killing down?

    I always report any team kill i get involved at. Its about one or two each week.......It always come from people who don't speak. @Goofy The Scot too many play squad and don't speak at all, it's annoying. It mostly happens on Eu servers. When I get matched in Na servers it's super easy to find peeps with a mic. I usually log out from the lobby if no one speaks or have to mute the poeple with noizy mics, dogs barfing, child screaming, music out lod etc etc.