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  1. Ok I'm back and inclined to agree with you here now under some conditions. I tested a few games yesterday evening without Gsync and with unlimited fps. Couldnt believe the performance, eyes bleeding from stutters while scouting around trying to smoothly move the camera (Foilage and ground textures close to character was the worst) looking straight ahead moving looked better.. Perhaps I'm spoiled from playing with Gsync on since close to the launch of PUBG.. I asked my usual group how they can play game after game like this every night without getting eyestrain or major headaches but none of them are really noticing anything they said.. I'm also playing on 1440p like you, my friends all play on 1080p (no Gsync or capped FPS). Somehow I like to think it might be the headbob camera movement thats to slow or oddly coded to actually work while fps is fluctuating up and down but thats just because I hate headbobbing, I have no idea how it works.
  2. Not until after Sunday, I'm away this week. In the meantime can you try my suggestions concering your RAM?
  3. I'm not playing on ultra settings but I'm able to get a pretty stable 141 fps on my 27, 1440p monitor with my gear. For sure a 34 wide is another beast alltoghter but getting 80-100 should not be impossible.. I would for example only use full Ultra settings if recording clips in replays. Just lowering PP/shadows and effects to medium(I go between verylow-medium on those) is a huge boost while playing.
  4. How are you locking the FPS to 98? Tests have shown that the ingame lock is not optimal. I use RTSS on my i9 +1080 and the frametimes are very stable if my FPS is also stable. Also if youre not already forcing Vsync ON in Nvidia panel you should try that and see aswell. It brings down inputlagg even futher when using capped FPS with G-sync and Nvidia cards.
  5. I'm gonna try some D2 now and see! Thanks for the heads up! *edit* Wow! performance in D2 is crap atm!! ADS is glitching all over the screen where it before was smooth and nice. Though I didn't notice anything like it in PUBG lastnight.
  6. https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-confirms-performance-degradation-in-windows-10-with-kb4482887/ Might be related to this if you have updated windows to the most recent build. I have updated it but luckily I'm not feeling anything weird on my system, though haven't tested destiny2 for a month..
  7. I have played a few games just for fun on my Pico Projector(854 x 480 posing as 1080p)blowing upp a full wall, floor to ceiling... Looked great... Not
  8. Finally some testing done on your end!!! I'm really happy for your sake! (Though we could have gotten to this point alot sooner if you just had been willing to eliminate different things on your end) Hopefully the gpu will work as hard when your actually playing too, the waiting room is not a good place to draw conclusions from. Again I'm glad it seems to be working out now and Happy gaming!!
  9. Ahh the IW engine was updated for ops 3 in 2015 so it's not that old as i first thought. Btw did you not know UE4 was not designed for high multiplayer numbers? And pubg was made by indie coders/developers to begin with. Ofcourse it's not going to be as sleek and optimized as a veteran/large studios release is but PUBG IS getting there. To blame PUBG for your computers bad setup is just making me cringe here as is the fact that you dont care enough to get the max out of your very expensive parts.
  10. I'm almost at the point of going out to buy a 1080ti just to prove you wrong here. But i'll stick to giggling while cooking some food instead and waiting for Jawnys numbers. 😃 By all means enjoy gaming on that 10+ year old game engine in the meantime.
  11. Granted I have my setup easily accessible and you might not... but i just did this now on my recording setup that sits besides me to illustrate the point unless i'm missing something with your glass side being very difficult to get off and on again..
  12. Are you for real man? it would take litterally 5 mins to do.
  13. Yes perhaps im mistaken about that, I have no stutters at all but that could be since I'm using Gsync with capped fps.
  14. Accordning to motherboard manual it's B2 A2 like the picture I posted on last page. But for troubleshootings sake just take the RAMS out and re-set them along with the GPU to narrow this down even further
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