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  1. While it never seemed to feature in any patch notes, War Mode has had a few fixes applied recently and now is back to its former glory. The loot crate bug that caused crashing almost every game is gone, and chutes now open close to the ground like they used to before the main game chute mechanics change. So thank you pubg. I know war Mode is just a side show to the main game, but its a great way to get some practice aiming with weapons and grenades. Just don't pick a server with more than about 40 people. Oh - and it would be great if the weapon select on landing could still be fixed. Sometimes you have one in hand, sometimes you don't. And auto setting on weapons don't work
  2. I'm a very very average player with a k/d around 1 While I've improved a lot since starting over a year ago, everyone else has also got better, and casual players seem to have dropped out, so the overall level of the pool of players has risen. My two weaknesses are mid range on v ones (say both behind trees 30m to 50m away) and pushing at all the wrong moments. Its so tough (but that's why this game is so great) to strike a good balance between aggression, and playing safe.
  3. ahh - good tip - thanks. I will try this
  4. I've noticed that there has definitely been some changes to War Mode. Did i miss this in patch notes? The game-breaking opening crates bug has gone. Thank you for fixing this We do also seem to have team chat back on as default - ie you can hear everyone who has their mic turned on in your team, and there's nothing you can do to mute them. Hoping that the parachutes opening lower again fix that is on PC also migrates to xbox soon. It would also be great to limit the number of people to 50. Really anything above 40 and FPS are dropping into single digits. That's not a criticism of the game, which was clearly not designed to try and cope with 100 people in the same tiny circle. But as numbers in war mode are so low, when someone sets up a 100 person server it sucks everyone into that crappy experience for the next 20 minutes and no other setups get a chance. I know War Mode is rightly way down the list of priorities, but its the only way I can practice my potato aim, so thanks for showing it some love on console
  5. As a struggling noob with a 1.0 kd this is all very useful advice - thank you For me the biggest challenge in pubg has been the very low amount of time spent shooting in a typical game (so you get very little practice) combined with the shock / adrenaline of going 10 mins looting, rotating, clearing etc to suddenly get into a fight. When the practice range and war mode were released on xbox this really helped me aim and de-sensitize my game play Also I do find soft aim very good in buildings / stairwells where you can aim up and just strafe out slightly to hit the target
  6. Its horrible I have to say though that the actual Xbox homescreen menu (not pubg) is super laggy for me. Trying to manage clips is unbelievable. Button press 2 seconds after you click, so you hit the wrong buttons etc
  7. Hopefully they get banned now - assuming they are reported via the website
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