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  1. As a struggling noob with a 1.0 kd this is all very useful advice - thank you For me the biggest challenge in pubg has been the very low amount of time spent shooting in a typical game (so you get very little practice) combined with the shock / adrenaline of going 10 mins looting, rotating, clearing etc to suddenly get into a fight. When the practice range and war mode were released on xbox this really helped me aim and de-sensitize my game play Also I do find soft aim very good in buildings / stairwells where you can aim up and just strafe out slightly to hit the target
  2. Its horrible I have to say though that the actual Xbox homescreen menu (not pubg) is super laggy for me. Trying to manage clips is unbelievable. Button press 2 seconds after you click, so you hit the wrong buttons etc
  3. Hi there, I updated with a very small patch this morning. Any idea what this was? many thanks J
  4. Hopefully they get banned now - assuming they are reported via the website
  5. Hi @PUBG_Andymh5 Yes - this is over a wifi connection. Many thanks J
  6. Hi there Having a lot of lag problems mid game since the latest patch. This causes some strange things to happen. I'm on a oneX with SSD in UK This is the strangest one where i shoot and kill someone, then they keep running, then they teleport back, dead but standing up https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/jammy-1173/video/73022777/ Here is one of me teleporting onto a roof, then out the side of a building https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/jammy-1173/video/72695889/ Many thanks J
  7. Getting stuck inside rocks does happen accidentally on xbox even in late game for people without SSD. I have seen it where people speed across the map in a vehicle and get ahead of the loading, then get stuck. I've seen someone stuck in a rock like this when it was down to 6 people left. Pretty sure they aren't trying to cheat though. (Less of a problem, but in war mode [dear lord please fix this mode pubg] people do deliberately chute down into rocks to snipe out at people) As posted above, loading seems to have become worse in past few months, and really needs addressing
  8. It really feels like consoles have been ignored for the last 2 months. It doesn't take much to put out a devletter or some form of communication every two weeks like you promised. I know this game is a PC port, but there are millions of players on Xbox and PS4 that love the game. Lack of communication risk people filling the void with negativity.
  9. Yes - what the heck happened to rendering? I agree exactly with this. It was a whole lot better in the past, pretty much fixed. Without an SSD building were rendering on Miramar before landing. Maybe 6 months back? What happened to the predictive loading based on flightpath? How did this go so badly backwards. This is what gets to me - going way backwards!! And I do now have an SSD, and it does solve the problem for me, but as has been posted many times here, the problem is that other people don't have SSDs so run through walls and shoot you through walls during the first 30 seconds.
  10. I ran a test on this too. I was convinced running with an UMP was slower than an AR based on how it feels in the game. But it isn't. Running with an UMP is faster than an AR. It must be the animation with UMP seems slower, guessing slower running steps, but the actual speed you go is slightly faster
  11. Hi there, I'm sure war mode isn't the number 1 priority right now but I wanted to provide some feedback to help fix it as the last xbox patch really messed it up. My main issue is that the game completely crashes out regularly. Maybe 50% of games. I have a OneX running with an SSD. This seems to be caused only by opening crates, both care packages, and loot crates from dead bodies. I have now played over 30 games where I never open either type of crate to test this. I haven't had a single crash since doing this (although running out of ammo is an issue!) Smaller war mode issues: There is a problem on Sanhok map only where apples are in the game. Pressing Y to select weapon when first dropping often wrongly selects grenades, and often this is an apple There is a problem when landing on all maps where no weapon is selected. There is a problem very occasionally of not having a first aid kit at all when playing the mode with the crate weapons There is a problem (obviously) with chutes not opening late / close to ground after first drop Thanks J
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