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  1. No Genos - all i meant was that every single diffrent setting, all sounds like totally diffrent game. Might be also that im too sensitive about sound - i was collecting speakers, soundcard, cables and everything else for almost a year, because i needed best quality. So yeah, im overreacting at every slightest sound change. I got slightly diffrent ears even than most ppl. About Your link - its way more complicated and when one thing can sound better and more clear at some setting - another one will sound worse or almost muted. Its not like in your link. I tell you - go there, switch these settings yourself while being in training grounds to see how diffrently you can hear shots from far, plane, backpack, steps etc. It does not only apply to one setup. At ones you hear steps better but shots worse, at other ones shots way more precise but steps almost none.
  2. They are in every game, any part of world.
  3. You knew nothing if you say that - it changes on EVERY quality. Not only 44,1 (which would be obvious). Go into game, switch it yourself and see the diffrence - its unbelievable how you are unable to locate shots sometimes or simply dont hear steps.
  4. But people dont want to loot whole map. Players want action - thats why games like Apex are so sucessfull or simply why Sanhok is most played map. New Erangel loot is why few thousands ppl came back after that in my opinion. Too bad they're already out probly bcs of cheaters and desync. Personally im surprised that they change one of basic rules of this game - survival part. Now aswell they can make maps smaller and less players/round. This game is losing players like crazy and they do everything to keep them in, which causes more mess and in the end result will be opposite from wanted one.
  5. Dont wanna be rude but... maaan what a potato aim :DD
  6. Simple sound quality change in windows changes drastically sounds in PUBG - location, level, everything.
  7. You havent read anything here or you got no clue atall, how FPS multiplayer game works. Target in training room is something else than moving person in actual game.
  8. You get your answer thx to Revover, he got more patience than me and know more for sure in this matter. My attitude towards this game and devs did not come from nothing. Its not like i say its bad because im negative - no, its based on facts which makes this game horrible to play trough last 6 months or more. There were times when i was defending it aswell - but since iv felt all these things on my skin over and over im sick of it and im waiting still for some basic fixes, for which ppl ask during last 2 years. Also its hard to tell some things here because lots of things get deleted, ppl get bans and whole cheating stuff goes to trash-can mass discussion. IDK why Takari (or someone else maybe) is closing my topics or deletes them: like the one where i asked how many ppl got 2nd account here with pool, where there was 3 to 1 more 2nd or more account) or simple picture with answer "good joke bro" and other - ofcrs without even telling me that its deleted or why.
  9. It would make no sense since diffrent ping (enemy and yours) requires diffrent prediction methods. Every single time when you try to hit someone, you gotta aim diffrently. Desync and other wonderful features like FPS rate of fire makes things like "competetive", "consistent" or "fair" unfamiliar with this game.
  10. Iv watch some streams lately to check if its worth to come back to pubg - at 3rd and 4th stream there were cheaters, this game is doomed. Defienately not comming back, not yet.
  11. LOL looks like desync is worst tan ever for month now, not 3-4 days
  12. Cheater sometomes - yes. Cheater in every game, flying cars after over 2 years of game with such an amazing systems? NO. Its normal that cheaters will happen SOMETIMES. But not on such a scale as its going on in PUBG. It is not going on in any other game. Nor other games feel it that much because impact of 1 cheater is way stronger than cheater in any goddamn other game, because of f.ex. time which you spend in PUBG to play 1 round, wait for it etc.
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