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  1. It’s called adding to the game. Good players like it because we get to slaughter people there and get the loot.
  2. If you learn how to drive properly, that’s not a problem, but some are slow learners.... ah hum
  3. No, because it didn't happen. How exactly would a Chinese native speaker speak to a native Korean speaker anyways? Or are all Asian languages the same? Oh wait, they're not. Most in Asia play PS4, which is why no one played on those servers and had 15 minute waits. They got rid of those servers and now force all people in Asia to play on OC servers because "there's not enough players" in Australia.... which for some reason is everyone else's problem.
  4. Really? So you mean that every time we play a map it magically just recreates itself in different dimensions? Oh wait, it doesn't.......
  5. oh yeah, and let's add everything else. Getting head shot while you spend 4 seconds trying to exit a vehicle? Your server choices are ridiculous. Let us choose. I don't need you to force me to have horrible lag and connection in OC when I can connect to the US just fine. Thanks for ruining the game.
  6. How about when you click close the door, the door closes. That way, you did when you're spending 15 seconds trying to close a door. Genius.
  7. Here's an idea. How about, when there are rocks that you can climb or jump up on, you should just be able to jump up on them when it's the same spot. Sometimes you can jump right up, other times you have to jump 15 times. Why not just either make the rocks climbable or not climbable. Wow, amazing, huh?
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