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  1. Yes! Thank god someone else is experiencing this. Had this happen to me twice today and died because of it. So sick of this it's one thing after another!
  2. At times on all servers, Xbox x, wired connection the game will just freeze completely and can stay like that for anywhere upto a minute to which point I have no option but to close the game down, and in a firefight is not ideal at all. This has got to be your worst patch to date, none of the major talking points on the forums have even been looked at. Regional selection still not there, we haven't heard anything on map selection, the general gameplay is just so much slower, the lag had got worse, the rendering has got worse, the directional audio is still hit and miss or not there at all at times, still getting stuck in buildings and furniture, the hopping around when the floor hasn't rendered in, still falling through castle and the lobby menu stilllll runs like a fat kid on a matathon! Not surprised that Reddit is full of people uninstalling this game and I'm on the fence to whether it's even worth playing anymore myself, there really is no light at the end of the tunnel for this game... but wait oh yes we did get that 2 year cosmetic cap! Thanks for that, that almost made me forget about how poor the performance is.
  3. One of the things you "fixed" was the vehicle tyres popping when exploded, and well... Can you guys fix anything at all?
  4. I can't bring myself to pay for something that should work in the first place, 500 for most powerful console no other game I've ever played ever requires ssd, this games just made so poorly it fails to compute.
  5. Orrrr they can stop with the sorries excuses and promises and just fix this garbage game? Or give us an actual update, like why it's so slow and why after all this time it's not been fixed or better yet why it's like this in he first place! It's honestly the laughing stock of game development companies. No other game runs as poorly as this one does, I want to play and enjoy it but every time I try crap like his happens, and with the release of all these br games it's only a matter of time before this one is a ghost town.
  6. I use wired connection with good speed and no other devices being used at the same time, probs because I'm being put in NA servers when I live in UK...
  7. I know it's way beyond their skill level, I just want them to see that their almost 2 year old game is garbage
  8. Because I'm really at the end of my patience with this god damn game and the lack of rendering. World's most powerful console and this is what we get! Every god damn time on this game. Every server. Every map. Always. Xbox one X no sad because I'm not paying extra for what should work in the first place.
  9. I don't have any footage and I can't see the server info as the screen does not fit the whole game view in.
  10. I can't believe that people have to resort to buying ssds for this crappy excuse of a game to work. Never know anything like it in my life. You could tell me this was a PS1 game and I'd believe you
  11. This game is outrageous for lag! I have good internet connection and only use it for gaming so it's not that. Find myself shooting people in the back running the opposite direction for the game to flicker I hear a burst and the guy who once had his back to me is now to my left and killed me. Are you going to fix anything at all with this game it's pathetic, absolutely clueless. Xbox one X Wired A lot of the time No idea what server because you've took the ability to choose and it doesn't tell me anymore (thanks for that btw).
  12. I don't see the downside to map selection in all honesty because you can't force people to play a game or map, gears of war 3 tried it and it failed miserably, but people still found a way around it. If people don't want to do something hey won't do it so why not just go with it and gain a few more fans in the process
  13. Exactly it's not something you can police because people are just going to leave and join the map they want anyway! So they may as well give the people who want selection the choice. But countless people have posted that they hate map selection of they Devs were any good they'd listen to the fans it's simple supply and demand no?
  14. But your people just leave games untill they get the map they want anyway so that ranking theory is irrelevant, and it's a video game I purchased which I want to play how I want to play, not how the Devs want me to play, every other big online multiplayer game in existence has a map selection available
  15. I've been giving this game patience since its release. I somehow feel more frustrated
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