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  1. one of my special friends won 9 in a row... and without cheat, because he still plays !!!!!!
  2. just killed by a cheater, reported ingame and support.... well...cheatin is tempban?
  3. wow, i am sooo thankful for the new skins. now i can change my clothes with some new style... omg.... what about lag, desync and the biggest problem.... the cheater? nothing?? please fix this. sorry
  4. jaja, das deutsche forum... immer lustig hier
  5. i would give all my skins and crates for nolag gamin
  6. and again full mag in enemy.... no result.. a full mag... omg
  7. jesus, the desync again dont allow me a kill on 10 meteres, but ok, he killed me behind the wall.... yes
  8. and again no permaban for 100% cheater... i know u have to proof... but will this guy get for cheating hundrets of chances too as the other cheaters??
  9. here a video from my aimbot friend zmf********* at work. reported. but get a ban? i think not reported to support. anticheatteam works?? 2019.05.18-14.57.24.mp4
  10. -all done -next step... play the topten as everyone has cheat on -> always really good hide and hope, cheater kills cheater first , last cheater please no aimbot
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