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  1. https://steamcharts.com/app/578080 letztendlich werden die cheater das game killen. leider. kein normales game mehr am eu server möglich, huya&co sei dank. is nur noch ne cashcow. erst die foren, dann das game. rip...
  2. pubg is the only game, having problems with asus sound. all other games work fine. but they ignore it. and they dont fix asus. they think, i would buy a new soundcard, only because of this game??? sonic studio is no cheat... because it dont work in this game. probleme solved.
  3. Second game today and again killed by a HuYa Cheater on Eu Server!!! it looks like, bh loose controlle and cheater hordes come to eu server. normal gameplay is atm not possible. is there someone REALLY interested in a cheatfree game? or lets say just a huya free eu server?? we dont need a letter, we need a working anticheat solution, NOW
  4. i thought after the patch the soundfiles work, but some dont. sanhok still broken
  5. there are 2 folders for saves. one in the main, second in the docu folder. watch exactly. and the video to render needs for 20 sec movie about 5 minutes and then it saves.
  6. you do a good job here with your postings. in some cases, the anticheatteam dont watch or dont watch exactly the information send to them. in one case i wrote them 5 times with video and all, after 10 days banned. some huya and douyu never ever got ban. dont know why. so posting here with a little bit offensive is good.
  7. Sound on sanhok works now better, only the distance is difficult.
  8. next cheater...maybe ban? eu server full with them
  9. video & screens 2 support, thx 4 help. he got ban! i like
  10. and BAN!! Message to support works. one ch***se less.... or he buys a new account
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