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    Fix footstep loudness

    Get a better headset. I have no issues with footsteps I hear them 5 houses down or 100m away
  2. Shifty tv

    Getting ran over while behind tree

    It’s called desync. Pubg has major issues with it
  3. I’m sick of this desync. Tired of bullets not registering. I had full heath, lvl 3 vest, lvl 2 helmet. I was shooting a guy with a full deck out akm (red dot,ext quick, and a comp.) there was blood flying out of him. He turned around and two tap me with a m16a4 and got knocked. I looked at my vest and it pretty much destroyed, but my helmet was fresh. Wtf blue hole? I love this game but all these issues are causing me to not play. Fix the desync!