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  1. Type B. And I play on colorblind mode. Always changes it back to normal and type A
  2. I play pubg every other day or when I get bored. Everytime I get on my controller settings are set back to default. Why? I always hit “apply” when I finish the setting where I want them too. Fix your game.
  3. I thought you guys fixed this? Well it happens non stop and getting very annoying. Stop adding new skins and fix the damn game
  4. Xbox one x with ssd. Was driving to get to circle with the blazer. Driving down the road and all of the sudden I went threw the map. Everything was rendered in while driving. Top it all off, it didn’t put me back on the map so I ended up getting second place. This happened by st Martin. I thought you guys fixed it? Guess not.
  5. Get a better headset. I have no issues with footsteps I hear them 5 houses down or 100m away
  6. It’s called desync. Pubg has major issues with it
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