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  1. yes!!! i got it !!! i kill 2314 players to won the trophy ...
  2. i killed 2500 players more less... and not take the trophy master assassin
  3. me too.. i have 2250 kills , and 1700 kills only in this season
  4. you can helmp me ? resolve my problem? only this trophy to platin the game
  5. no, my first kill i do in dec14, and know i have more 2000 kills, and dont give the trophy, is really glitched for me, this season, i have 1500 more and less, pls help me take this trophy
  6. I killed more than 1000 players after the update, and I still do not receive the trophy, adding all my kills this almost 1100, to see in the own career of the pub, pls help me: brunobonin95psnmy ,
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