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  1. this is great! is that the dude who killed you while you were in a vehicle? making obvious mech keyboard noise and banned you on his stream?
  2. I completely understand and respect your opinion. I think it's more of an love or hate kind of thing.
  3. It's really convienence and a lot of ppl that I play with like it as well. Now we can focus more on gun-fights because of this. @PUBG_Andymh5, big shout out to you and developers for this feature! please keep up with good work!
  4. +1 would love this feature to come as well
  5. please do the auto equip. no need to listen guys above. they are just minority who are against anything and I have a feeling those are the one who always complain 'bring FPP' kind of crap lol.
  6. @PUBG_Andymh5, hi Andy. can we get an answer for this? thank you.
  7. I like backpack skins and that blue jacket (around 25~30ish level iirc). that's about it. oh and then that giant black sunglasses that u can buy it from coupon.
  8. stats actually didn't reset for some reason. I actually like it though... but I know some people are gonna go crazy about this.
  9. @PUBG_Andymh5 can we get an answer for this Andy? I'm off with an amazing start hopefully they won't reset.
  10. did he really not think people would look up his killfeeds from pubglookup? what an idiot. 5KD with killing afkers are pathetic. he only played 11 matches too. 300 IQ? more like a 30 IQ lol. Anyway thanks for the good laugh this made my day 😂
  11. I literally lost my motivation to play this game due to absolutely zero rewards. It's been extended twice and is already 13th of May. What the hell??
  12. am I really the only one who likes vikendi along with sanhok?? i'd choose vikendi over miramar and erangel anydays.
  13. have to disagree with you on that. I like certain guns to be exclusive. plus I can never like g36c it just isn't for me though I like qbz a lot.
  14. wait, it extended AGAIN!? they must've messed up wildcard launch on console and use this as excuse so that they can have some time to fix some errors I suppose. I'm really done with this.
  15. well said, I like playing this game but having no rewards kinda get me bored and for that reason alone a lot of my psn friends quit this game. I'm having break and not gonna play till wildcard land on ps4. vikendi season ended over a month ago and still no announcement? that's ridiculous.
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