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  1. I literally lost my motivation to play this game due to absolutely zero rewards. It's been extended twice and is already 13th of May. What the hell??
  2. am I really the only one who likes vikendi along with sanhok?? i'd choose vikendi over miramar and erangel anydays.
  3. have to disagree with you on that. I like certain guns to be exclusive. plus I can never like g36c it just isn't for me though I like qbz a lot.
  4. wait, it extended AGAIN!? they must've messed up wildcard launch on console and use this as excuse so that they can have some time to fix some errors I suppose. I'm really done with this.
  5. well said, I like playing this game but having no rewards kinda get me bored and for that reason alone a lot of my psn friends quit this game. I'm having break and not gonna play till wildcard land on ps4. vikendi season ended over a month ago and still no announcement? that's ridiculous.
  6. @PUBG_Andymh5 hi Andy, do you think you can confirm how much FPS does pubg have on ps4 pro? heard it was 30 but just want to make sure. thank you.
  7. also, I don't quite understand why they decided to extend season 1 beta period to May from April. Devs should know that just annoyed majority of the players due to fact that we'd have to another month to experience new season. we are not like 'omg thank you so much. now I have another month to reach 6000+SP'. should've not extend the beta season time period.that was one big bad move.
  8. kinda lost my motivation to play recently due to lack of rewards. have reached lvl 100 a month ago and already passed 6000+ as well. I think I'm just gonna stop playing till next season comes out which I expect to be May. that's another month. a lot of people that I play pubg with has stop playing or taking a break for same reason. just my rant. thks.
  9. hey congrats! IIRC, you are the one who replied to my thread about me tryna get same mask. well guess what? I got blue hot pants instead couple days ago. I guess it makes up for it lol. congrats on ur mask once more
  10. I know this has been asked countless time but I believe we haven't heard any official word from its team. so @PUBG_Andymh5, can we please get an answer? even if answer is not our liking, we still want to hear it so we wouldn't making same post over and over again. thank you. please don't ignore it this time.
  11. is it truth mechanical keyboard have faster and better responsive rate than membrane keyboard? should I switch my membrane keyboard to mechanical keyboard? is it going to make my gaming performance better at all or same? thanks.
  12. hello, I have wired ps4 pro with 1tb ssd yet experiencing huge frame drop when facing opponent up close and firing shots. I would expect this if I were surrounding by 10+ enemys. but having constant frame drop even facing just single opponent makes me crazy. is this normal for every users? or should I change my router to gaming router? ex:netgear nighthwak ac1900. or should I buy router+modem combo? I know it's only 30 frame game but I just don't want to facing frame drop at least.
  13. Yup, it's in my account now. Thks Andy.
  14. @PUBG_Andymh5 can you look it up please?
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