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    Exiting vehicles

    Recently I've been unable to use any vehicle on all maps. I've no problem getting in or on a vehicle, it just will not let my exit.... Is this a known issue?????
  2. CrazyApe

    Exiting vehicles

    Is anyone having trouble exiting vehicles recently? I have no problems getting into a vehicle, It just will not let me exit them! This is happening on all maps. 😡
  3. CrazyApe

    Wireless controller disconnecting

    3 games in Prinzar and so far so good 👍
  4. CrazyApe

    Wireless controller disconnecting

    Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  5. Pls help! Ever since the last patch note, randomly in every match on all maps my controller turns itself off when I'm in close quarter gun fights. This doesn't happen on any other game. Is this a known problem which will be fixed??