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  1. I was merely providing my prospective and how I deal with it. You do whatever you want. Apparently, that means whining. LOL, indeed. Two years is nothing when it comes to MMO games. Blizzard has been working on WOW for what 14-15 years now? There are still players who bitch and moan about the game mechanics. The developers cannot please everyone. Are there problems with PUBG, hell yeah. But it's going to take time and there's a learning curve not only for the players but the developers as well. Patience is what you need and a willingness to provide constructive criticism. I've read complaints from players from the time ATARI released their first console to the present time. It never f'n changes. "It's broken. It's not right. Fix it now. What's wrong with the developers? They don't listen. Get it done now." *SMH* The more things change the more they stay the same.
  2. I'm going to add: Drop into the heavily populated landing zones. Get in there and grab your gear and fight for it. You'll be queueing up more often but it's surprising how tuned in you become to the environment. Just my newbie observation.
  3. Well, I've learned that if it's steep and high you are going to take damage. I go down backwards when I encounter these situations. It's been working for me. I maybe sliding on my face at times but it's almost like repelling.
  4. Well, we don't know what his health level was when the car "bumped" him. How do you measure "little speed". It sux. I know. I've bailed out of my vehicle too many times thinking I was hitting the right turn and go splat. So, space bar when you get out and keep your finger off the "F" key (PC).
  5. Having lived in the country of origin for a couple of years and witnessing their lack of CS skills, their apathy to solve the problems of hackers isn't surprising to me. What they consider fixed is slap some tape or paste or wood on it and move on. Seriously, they suck at repairing homes, cars, etc. It's always half-assed. And yes, they are financially motivated. The hackers will spend their money to buy level-ups because they can. And they will pay the hacker sites money for less "discoverable" programs. The sites are out there. That said, I try not to let their lack of action get under my skin, but most days it's hard. I'm new to the game and I do spectate and watch the death cam (which really should go back a bit further from the attacker's point of view, IMO) and I can usually tell skill vs some hack. There ARE some great players out there but you can't deny that there are a large number of people who are using the various hacks (radar, aimbot, ESP etc.) I think everyone knows this but some are tired of hearing it, although those that do throw out the ad hominem attacks could possible be hackers or don't give a damn about anyone else enjoyment of the game. F' em. If they have something constructive to add then I listen otherwise they're wasting their breath. This game is two years old? If anyone played WOW in the early years, surely you remember the farming bots etc. It took Blizz several years to get a handle on them and for the most part bot, hackers aren't a problem. (The expansions of late however have sucked. Drawn out and boring. Much like my post. ) I'm gonna hang in there a bit longer to see what happens. I still have plenty to learn and I'm enjoying the cat & mouse aspect of the game. But I won't continue if I start feeling like crap every time I log in to play. The powers that be will either fix it or this game will die a slow agonizing death. Either way there's plenty of other games to play.
  6. It doesn't seem right to me either. Why not let us pay with BP or let us loot them? I'm not gonna fork over any money on a key.
  7. MVP syndrome does take some adaptation to your environment. I'm hypervigilant and easily startled. My husband scares the hell out of me when he walks into a room and I have my back to the door. My dogs barking make me jump. Deep breaths and I recover pretty fast. But it takes work and immersion. Turn the volume down for a while, take a few hits because you can't hear where the shots are coming from and slowly bring it back up. It's helped me with various games. YMMV Let me finish this post out by saying that I'm an old (58) woman who started playing video games when there was just pong. Never could give it up. I keep saying that Delta Force2 was my favorite FPS and this game reminds me of it. I left WOW to play Destiny 2 because it was boring me to death. (Battle of Azeroth sux. It's the longest grind and most boring lore to date.) Then I left D2 because it was so damn repetitive however it was nice to have some real weapons to play the game and I could play ALONE. That was one of the draws to PUBG. I could play solo. I hate random groups and most of my friends are quilting, crocheting or watching shitty reality TV and don't really understand why I still play. I'm a pretty laid back casual player (I'm competitive but not it's a game not RL so I don't waste my energy getting mad because I lose or fuck up and I don't get mad if a teammate makes a bad play. I don't mind playing in groups if there's no whining about how much "we suck" ) Now I admit, I truly suck at this game (so far). It is loud and I don't how many times I've jumped out of my chair because I turned a corner and got my face shot off which scares the shit out of me. But for some reason, I don't mind. I don't mind the cheaters (I love reporting them). I love to spectate some of my losses because I see people fucking up the same way I do or worse. If I make it to the top 10 only because I'm sneaking around trying to find something other than a damn hand gun, I'm happy. I have one Chicken Dinner/593 matches, 19 kills, 2 head shots to my name. Still having fun. I've learned how to bounce apples at strange angles and hit people behind and beside me. I've learned to carry crap in my bag so when I do get looted people are disappointed. I've discovered that almost everything is what you make of it. Guess I'm easily amused. (Actually, I'm a bit medicated atm because I had my appendix removed day before yesterday. I'm going to blame the drugs for this post being this long.) Hope to see some of you out there. Feel free to dance on my corpse and I'll know you read this post. HA!
  8. I new, and frankly play the game more as hide/seek. I'm still learning but I watch every death cam and I report at least 5 a night. I've started getting replys, some banned completely, some banned for week or so. I don't care if I report someone who's on the up & up if the death cam doesn't show me more before the death and it looks wonky, I report. I'll keep trying to improve my game and report those that take advantage because I like this game. Reminds me of Delta Force II. (* Sucks in gut, flexes saggy triceps and adjusts bifocals....).
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