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    Massive Packet Loss

    FUNNY STORY! Servers just got done with maintenance. Guess what is gone after server maintenance! MY PACKET LOSS IS GONE! VERY SUS! #ITOLDYOUSO
  2. ccollado

    Massive Packet Loss

    and like I previously stated. Done and Done. Not a problem as reported by the ISP. I have done my part in troubleshooting. The real question is instead of giving us these recommendations would be: Have you done any troubleshooting on YOUR END? The answer would be... NO! because its not your fault ever. It's always the consumer.
  3. ccollado

    Massive Packet Loss

    I am having the same problems after the latest patch which I believe is #25. I have 300 down/50 up with no changes to system, network and devices. Had tech come out and check out the connections and troubleshoot to nothing. IT IS DEFINETELY NOT ME!!! I have done all the troubleshooting in the world to no avail. Just restart your server and it will fix it