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  1. Revolver_Ocelot

    Copying Replays

  2. Revolver_Ocelot

    can't buy UC for rank purchasing

    This site isn't the place for pubg mobile.
  3. Revolver_Ocelot

    Regarding the Erangel Revamp

    Why even try to take someone out at that distance with that gun? Play to the weapons strengths. This is what makes PUBG fun, learning to deal with what you've been given.
  4. Revolver_Ocelot

    Can people stop finishing?

    Asking people not to kill you? Kinda the idea of the game.
  5. Revolver_Ocelot

    PUBG vs APEX

    Lol no.
  6. Revolver_Ocelot

    ONLY ONLY SANOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did he say shotguns only?
  7. Revolver_Ocelot


    I'm not saying add nothing you dolt. This guy wants to add an AKM, it's in the game already. I'm all for adding things not in the game already and that are actually different from what we have now. Assualt AR-15 - basically the m416 G3A3 - very similar to the SLR AKM - already in the game AKS-74U - do we need another AK variant? Colt M4A1 - again, we already have this RPG - terrible idea Cobray CM203 - see above comment
  8. Revolver_Ocelot


    What do all these new guns bring to the game? Especially the ones you listed. Lots of these are just repeats for the most part.
  9. Revolver_Ocelot

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    Seriously? The game sold millions with only Erangel.
  10. Revolver_Ocelot

    Change Enter /Exit / Change Seat Behavior For Vehicles

    https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1653257072164695653 Literally a year ago lol.
  11. There is a reason no one talks about this.
  12. Revolver_Ocelot

    serious question

    Also it seems you're playing on console, first problem is right there.
  13. Revolver_Ocelot

    Change Enter /Exit / Change Seat Behavior For Vehicles

    That was something they said they were gonna add.
  14. Sounds like a horrible idea.