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  1. I agree. It's not PUBG Mobile ... R2 and L2 looks great on fast looting. As @Simon Phoenix mentioned, no one on this forum even doesn't complain about looting or other related things. Better to work for rendering issues first ...
  2. Why is like this? Even for a person who bought Survivor pass ... ??? Really???
  3. Really tired of all repetitive cosmetics in crate. Why????
  4. Hey guys, how can i calculate distances in pubg? for example 200 metres
  5. Sanhok is for quick games. Normal time to finish this map is about 20-25 minute other map have to put more time on it
  6. My sens setting And i think this problem is just for iranian ip because i play on pc version too, this issue would fix just with vpn
  7. Still having the issue (Also my setting reset after i reset my router) what s this for
  8. 3 Days i posted this topic now answer or even any help
  9. Hello Look at these screen shots i attached About 10 matches 3-4 matches become like this im from iran ps4 slim
  10. Hi guys i bought survivor pass and im now level 3 on rewards section level 1,2 and 3 got bomber jacket and qbu skin but i didnt recieved them yet whats the problem can you help me
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