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  1. I was going to upload a video of the same bug. It freaks you out because your first thought is that someone else is bandaging nearby.
  2. I had the same issue, then tried TPP and it worked. You don't even have to play the match, just Quick Join and drop.
  3. First, it's telling me I'll only have to wait -40 seconds for a match to start, though the estimated time is 81:55: In the one below it's "slower", now only -6s. But the estimated time below "Started Matchmaking" is "80:-6". As a programmer myself it's really, really hard for me to imagine how you could report a time as 80:-6. I'm genuinely curious how that could happen. For most of my matches tonight this didn't happen -- it occurred on back to back matches and then fixed itself later. I've seen negative wait times at other times too.
  4. I had been having a lot more and in my case I think it's related to the NVidia thing that captures game highlights. I noticed it was often happening around the time the screen would flicker when those were being saved. So I disabled a bunch of different highlights recently and it seems to have helped...maybe that's something you can try?
  5. Yes, this is a good one -- it's so frustrating to try to quickly loot the 3 painkillers off of someone and then hurry away to safely heal only to learn that you actually left them on the ground because your inventory was full and you didn't realize it.
  6. Well, I think it would be better to have not just dual map select but the ability to select all the maps, where Quick Join goes away and is replaced by "select all maps". If doing that resulted in only Sanhok and Vikendi because that's really all that everyone wants to play, I'd go along with it...and we'd be no worse than where we are now. Well.....it's clearly a problem, right? I haven't been around here long but it seems like there's a new thread on this topic everyday. I count three on the front page of this forum right now! I'm not trying to sound annoying, but how is this actually supposed to work? If I go and try to queue one of the lonely maps right now I'll just sit there potentially forever and never get a game. I can't really ask my friends to queue with me because I don't have enough who play PUBG and are free at any given time. And I'm not chocoTaco (sadly) so I don't run a stream that has 8,000 viewers who I can ask to join. Please don't get me wrong, I love this game and I love playing it even with the same map or two over and over. In general, I think the Devs do a great job. I think that one of the big selling points this game has over the other Battle Royales out there is that they offer multiple maps where each one gives a somewhat unique and diverse playing experience. It sucks when that diversity doesn't get realized.
  7. I think we're disagreeing because you're operating under the assumption that the majority of the playerbase chooses a map in the lobby and I'm operating under the assumption that the majority choose Quick Join. Or maybe you're just ignoring the quick-joiners from your numbers because you assume they don't care, but I'm trying to argue that more often than not they DO care (about variety). But if they gave us the ability to select multiple maps we'd find out and I don't see how it could make the problem worse. If we could select all the maps and every game still came up Sanhok, I would just shrug my shoulders and be convinced that there's really nobody else out there that wants to play any of the other maps. I totally agree with this, btw. There is a reason it's the most popular map and I do enjoy playing it. I just like all the maps and wish I could play the other ones more often.
  8. My guess is that the "huge number" doesn't have a desired map. Personally, I like playing on Sanhok, I just get sick of it after like the 9th game in a row. But what stops them from just picking one of the others is exactly the simple math you put in your answer, that if you see a long queue time you don't want to wait for it (especially because the queue times themselves are bogus, and anything greater-than-two-minutes equals NEVER). I think we agree that out of the pool of people who have a strong preference for one map, Sanhok is the clear winner. It's my theory that the pool of people who don't have a preference is much larger. The current system punishes that group of people because right now if 10,000 people say they don't care what map they play but 100 people wanted Sanhok, we just get Sanhok again and again and again. My theory might be wrong and maybe the majority of people who play this game really only like one map and just want to play that same map again and again. If that's true, we should still switch to the rolling queue I described above with the ability to select multiple maps, because then at least we'll spawn games for the other maps and everyone can be happy.
  9. I don't think switching to that model would make things worse -- in the scenario you describe where the vast majority picks the same two maps, we'd basically end up with the same behavior we have now. And I agree it's hard to make blanket statements about how many people select a map or select quick join (it would be awesome if they gave us the numbers!). But I personally find it hard to believe that the majority of the player pool only wants to play one map. I think it's far more likely that the majority of the player pool wants variety but the current (flawed) system is forcing us to do what the smaller number of single-map-selectors want to do.
  10. I agree with you that the majority who pick a map pick Sanhok, but there's currently no option to choose "I don't really care what map I play, I just don't want to play the same map over and over again" or "I would like to play any map except Mirimar (or whatever)". I suspect THAT's the position of the majority of players, but the current system doesn't allow for it so if you want to just jump in quickly you get carried along by the Sanhok-pickers. The better way to do this would be to allow for selecting multiple maps, then spawn the maps in order, skipping any that didn't have enough people who had selected it. In that world, the "I only want one to play one map crowd" still gets their wish, but they might have to wait a bit longer for the queue to roll around to them. And the haters of a certain map can just not choose that map, but still keep the other queues healthy.
  11. I don't think it caters to the majority -- I think it's most likely that the majority of players would enjoy playing a variety of maps but there's no way to do it in the current setup. Quick Join (as designed) is the problem.
  12. I played many more games last night and this lighting bug never returned, so that's good. Maybe 418.91 is the key? I also tried messing around with the Effects settings in a few more games and it never triggered the bug again either, though I did notice that the screen would "flash" when I'd change the setting, as if the bug was just about to happen then it would revert.
  13. It was the Nvidia Graphics driver (to 418.91). Another data point. I played a couple games tonight with no issues, but in the middle of the second game I decided to change my Effects setting from Very Low to High and that triggered the bug. I played around a little and determined that changing Effects to anything higher than Medium caused it -- go figure.
  14. I did a clean install and the problem seemed better for a while but then it returned after a couple hours of playing. Quitting to desktop and then coming back in fixed it again for a while but it later returned. Today I got prompted for a new driver update which I (clean) installed. I haven't seen the problem since then, but I haven't played much. If it returns, I'll add another update. The bug is a little bit game-breaking because while it's hard on the eyes when you're inside, it makes it super easy to spot players outside and to spot players who are inside buildings. Since the player shadows are also bugged, you can see people coming around corners really easy as well.
  15. I can confirm this could be the problem -- I did all the things (5 PK, 4 different vehicles, finished 10th) as a solo squad and the mission didn't complete.
  16. I'm still getting this problem and I have Nvidia driver 418.81, it happened to me in several matches tonight. It used to be that changing the Shadows setting to something else and then back to what you have it at (Very Low, in my case) would fix it. But that fix didn't work for me tonight.
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