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  1. I think this is the correct solution and I hope they implement it soon. It would be ideal (and work just fine) if they also added the ability to select multiple maps. Another benefit of this is that you could generate reasonably accurate times until the next map in the rotation was coming up. Currently the times are almost meaningless, but since the server should have a pretty good idea of how often games are spawning, it should be able to accurately tell you "you have to wait 1:45 for the next Erangel game" and then you know you have time to go get a cup of coffee or something if you want to wait for a specific map.
  2. I played many more games last night and this lighting bug never returned, so that's good. Maybe 418.91 is the key? I also tried messing around with the Effects settings in a few more games and it never triggered the bug again either, though I did notice that the screen would "flash" when I'd change the setting, as if the bug was just about to happen then it would revert.
  3. It was the Nvidia Graphics driver (to 418.91). Another data point. I played a couple games tonight with no issues, but in the middle of the second game I decided to change my Effects setting from Very Low to High and that triggered the bug. I played around a little and determined that changing Effects to anything higher than Medium caused it -- go figure.
  4. I did a clean install and the problem seemed better for a while but then it returned after a couple hours of playing. Quitting to desktop and then coming back in fixed it again for a while but it later returned. Today I got prompted for a new driver update which I (clean) installed. I haven't seen the problem since then, but I haven't played much. If it returns, I'll add another update. The bug is a little bit game-breaking because while it's hard on the eyes when you're inside, it makes it super easy to spot players outside and to spot players who are inside buildings. Since the player shadows are also bugged, you can see people coming around corners really easy as well.
  5. I can confirm this could be the problem -- I did all the things (5 PK, 4 different vehicles, finished 10th) as a solo squad and the mission didn't complete.
  6. I'm still getting this problem and I have Nvidia driver 418.81, it happened to me in several matches tonight. It used to be that changing the Shadows setting to something else and then back to what you have it at (Very Low, in my case) would fix it. But that fix didn't work for me tonight.