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  1. Any updates on this? The issue is still there. No fix for it yet. Im getting more and more tired of this, more and more bugs. The game is 2 years old, but it feels like im playing a game thats still in alpha.
  2. Update: I jump with right mouse button. Tested with different keys, and its just the combination of Left ALT and Right mouse button that doesn't work. If I choose any other key to sprint with, it works. Or if i choose any other key to jump with it works.
  3. So, after the last update I cant jump/vault while sprinting. I use Left ALT for sprinting and the problem seems to be related to just that key. If i bind any other key, jumping while sprinting works. Does anyone else have the same issue? I only play in FPP mode on PC, so I dont know if the problem exists in TPP.
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