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  1. Please fix the vehicles,, except for the Dasia,, we shouldn't be sliding around like we are driving on grease,, these are all terrain vehicles and 4x4's.
  2. The point is the player should just auto cancel when you kneel or stand up,, as would happen when you are kneeling or standing and start to mive,, there is no reason to have to press a key to cancel and then press another key to carry out an action,, it isn't consistent . Standing , kneeling, lying down should not be different.
  3. If you are standing and mending and you move forward ,, the meding is auto canceled,, if your kneeling and meding and move forward the meding is auto canceled, if you are lying down and see an opponent and try to move or get up the meding is not auto canceled, you have to cancel and then move or get up. Please change the lying down meding to auto cancel if you move or go to the kneel or stand up.
  4. You are very right here,, leaning and shooting loses stability, or should I say "" should lose stability "" in the game.
  5. Doesn't matter what I use at any distance,,, my aim is still crap.
  6. Suggestion for the Devs I am sitting here trying to play the Mirarmar map. The timer says 2 min. 4 sec. I have gone past 3 minutes for 4 consecutive times before joining in a Mirarmar map so obviously a Mirarmar server was or is available. Why not just put me into a Mirarmar game at the first attempt and let me run around on the map while the game fills up.?????????
  7. Yea,, my player likes to go on "" walk about "" every once in a while,, lol
  8. The only expectation anyone should have is that it actually work properly,,, lol. Not to much to ask for from a multi billion dollar developer,, lol.
  9. Quick join needs to end and everyone just chooses the maps they want to play,, whether that be, 1 map,, 2 maps,, 3 maps, or 4 maps,, and then all the software has to do is place you in the maps you have chosen,, you don't need to be a genius to figure this out,, and I know there are different types of gameplay,, lol.
  10. Still NA TPP problem as well,, lol
  11. Please,, what genius at Bluehole decided that the vehicles would defy the laws of physics,, please fix the rolling vehicles,, there is a thing called friction,, to make it worse you can't get back in the vehicle without taking a ton of damage or dying while your vehicle continues on it's never ending, wonderous, voyage. Just more dumb crap to chase players away from the game,,. I know some one will respond,, I like it,, adjust,, blah, blah, blah, blah.
  12. Thumbs up on this one,, ..........
  13. I was in Pochinke and there were 7 red zones, one after another,, that's excessive to say the least.
  14. Your new survey isnt working properly,, it keeps taking me back to the original set of questions when I hit " Next " Typical Pubg I guess?
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