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  1. If the Devs had any clue,,, they would let players choose only the maps they want to play,, and build games based on the games individuals want to play. Ex. Someone only wants to play Sanook...they are only put in Sanook ques
  2. Please place the version # back in the lobby,, at one time it was there.
  3. I am playing the Erangel map but the graphics do not look any different than before,, if an update dropped with jumping and grabbing, and updated graphics why am I able to play the old non updates map,, just curious,, am I missing something here,, shouldn't I be forced to update the game through your software in order to play at all, just curious about this aspect.
  4. I would tell you what I think if it actually showed up on Steam so I could download it,, just sayin,, lol
  5. I will take the bait. Just show a list of all Regions with that regions list of individual servers and you join the server you want to play on.
  6. I tried the test server a few times,, but there is no solo play and I was always redirected to Asian Server and had 250 ms ping when normally i am at under 25ms ping. Really makes zero sense for me to be involved with the test server.
  7. The conversation isn't a comparison of Pubg to other games,, Pubg is slowly becoming "" Dead "" just look at the reality of Steam Concurrent Players" and it's quite clear that the ""Deatnell is Tolling ""
  8. 98000 players last night NA Server east coast,, only 2 maps playable, Erangel, Sanhook,, I don't play Sanhook,, Erangle is a good map but how many times can you play the same map over and over and over before getting bored with that particular map,, for me PUBG is dying a slow, unfortunate death . R.I.P.
  9. North America Server,, last night,, 98,000 players,, believe me,, its dying,, lol
  10. The leader board as it stands makes zero sense,, I have seen where the third place player has higher stats than the second place player ,, yet they rank below the second place player,, lol
  11. Suggestion,,, instead of the killfeed being in the right hand corner, place the killfeed under the compass as a ticker tape rolling feed. Just a thought.
  12. My Level progression has completely stopped. It is stuck at Level 26 6,780/10000. It has been like this for about 5 or 6 days even though I am playing 2 to 4 hours each of those days with multiple kills and many top 5 games. So I will assume this is a bug.
  13. Don't know if it will be possible but I see people just hanging on a ledge during and game while everyone else is dying
  14. Always an expert in the crowd,,, lol
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