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  1. It's a very slight echo, doesn't bother me much. It seems to amplify the sounds of footsteps for me so until I download the ZaliaS EQ i'll be leaving it on. I've tried it with Atmos off and the echo disappears completely.
  2. I haven't gotten around to getting the mod kit but i'll likely end up getting it at some point. Currently I use the tournament EQ preset with Dolby On.
  3. If I didn't have to pay extra for wireless I probably would've gotten them. They do look nice though that's for sure I was looking at the ZaliaS EQ sets but decided I would try Astro's presets first and try them later. I've only had just over a day to play with them and get the feel for them. You're right, Dolby does seem to have a slight echo to it, but I don't mind it. I really like the depth that footsteps get with it on. I'll definitely give some of those other EQ presets a try at some point though!
  4. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who might be skeptical about buying a nice headset or shelling out extra money for a mixamp. Some backstory. When I began playing pubg during pre-release, I used my TV's sound. For weeks I could not even get a kill because it seemed like everyone knew exactly where I was and I didn't know where anyone else was, unless they were right in front of me. After some frustration, I decided to buy a headset and ended up going with the Astro A10's. I paid about 100$ CAD at the time. I've had them for over 2 years without any issues. Simple plug and play type thing. They served me well, but weren't anything special. If anything I felt like they leveled the playing field. Some time down the line, after a few updates, footstep sounds were completely messed up. Around this time I noticed the audio setting on the xbox that enable Windows Sonic and Dobly Atmos. I tried Sonic with my A10's but didn't notice a difference, didn't want to pay for Dolby Atmos so I ended up sticking with stereo uncompressed. Fast forward to this weekend when I got my new Astro A40 and MixAmp Pro and I can't believe the difference it makes. Setup was a doozy. Not user friendly at all. Started with instructional videos, firmware update, initial setup and xbox settings changes. Long story short, after half a day of messing around, I could not get the headset working with game or party chat. I couldn't hear teammates and they couldn't hear me. Frustrated, I eventually gave up and left to watched a movie. Came back an hour or two later to play some Pubg and my xbox hard reset itself. Once it started up, I noticed a message popup like when you sign in, except it says " Headset paired to account " or something similar. I try joining a party and VOILA! suddenly it works. Sitting in the pre game lobby, I decide to check out the EQ presets for the Mixamp. I ended up using a mix of Dolby Atmos, and Tournament EQ preset. Here's why.. Dolby Atmos gave me the feeling that I was in the center of a very large, extremely quiet room. Kind of like an echo chamber if you will. Game sounds came flowing in from different directions and sounded crisp and clear. Tournament EQ preset is optimized mainly for footsteps but also gunshots. It seemed to reduce the other in game sounds and really emphasize these ones. The Mix: Together, these make the holy grail for sound whoring in Pubg. With Atmos, being in the center of a large and very quiet echo chamber combined with the enhanced sound of foot steps was a real game changer for me. Instead of light taps on the ground or in a house mixed with the other sounds in the game, they sounded like an elephant stomping around the echo chamber. Clear, and very loud. The range seems to be extended as well. The only downside to this mix is that you don't quite get the full range of sound from the game. Some sounds are a little quiet but I don't care. I'm loving this setup and wanted to share with everybody. 10/10 would recommend Mixamp. Feel free to ask for more info if I haven't covered everything.
  5. No problem man, after a while I figured you already had a 4th. We'll link up for some games another time. Hope you had some good runs yesterday
  6. If you click the sprint button again while sprinting it'll immediately stop and your crosshairs will re-appear. I sometimes have the same issue as you so I started doing this instead.
  7. I'm not denying there are cheats for xbox, I was just saying there is no Aim Bot, and no bots in general. Just like Clag said there are anti recoil devices, wallhacks and lag switch though im not very familiar with the lag switch.
  8. Yeah I had the comms ban as well after this guy was talking mad trash and I responded to him. Funny, I was defending myself from his verbal BS and I ended up with the temp ban.
  9. There are no bots and no auto aim / aimbot either. Not on xbox.
  10. I was so excited to get home and turn on that new UI feature. I turned it on and was shocked that I was in a range of 90-100 Ping consistently. Never dipped below 90. I'm in Vancouver, BC and on NA so I'd expect my connection to be better than that. Lots of desync and lag because of it.
  11. My only complaint so far is the desync. 3 separate times last night while playing I was knocked with an M4, Scar and AK 1 shot to the head, full level 2 gear and full health. It is literally impossible for that to happen. I guess on their screen they had already shot me multiple times but I only heard and saw 1 bullet each time. Other than that everything seems to be going well.
  12. I always see these clips of player OTS aiming and never missing a shot. Then I soft aim in a game with crosshairs centered on the enemy and can't hit a single shot. It's so inconsistent I've given up using it. I either ADS or I hip fire if the enemy is in my face.
  13. Giving better loot to players doesn't necessarily make it less skillful. If every player you run into has a sniper and AR they become a tougher opponent than if they had a micro uzi and double barrel shotgun. I would argue it takes more skill to fight someone fully kitted out than not. It makes the games go faster and it's more fun. Who cares about them making looting more streamlined and easy? other players being able to swap out attachments to a different gun at the touch of a button doesn't affect you or anyone else in any negative way. Again, it means less time looting/ swapping stuff and more time fighting. It's hard to see a logical reason why someone would be against that. I guess you know the game is in a good place when people start complaining about non issues...
  14. Sounds like you had a bad batch of games
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