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  1. We had a poll in the Xbox forum for a scope on the Winchester. People overwhelmingly voted for a fixed scope with a 2x or 3x magnification to increase it's viability early to mid game. It got a lot of support. Wouldn't mind testing it out on the PTS to see how it is.
  2. Had a weekend full of network lag. It was horrible... There is something wrong right now
  3. Almost 300M with a Holo.... Wow! Nicely done man
  4. When you wake up in the morning and the GF says: Boy you were sure talking a lot in your sleep last night... Me: What was I saying? GF: Air drop at 350, enemy squad pushing for the it. Go! Go! Go! Pubg is truly an addiction. I'm at work all day waiting to play Pubg, get home and play Pubg until bed time, and then dream about Pubg and repeat. Love this game!
  5. What time does all this happen? Dont want to watch a 2 hour stream to see this..
  6. Agree. This wound be great.. if this next update fixes the biggest core issue, rendering, maybe they can put this on the list for one of the future updates. We should poll this after the next update
  7. Has anyone tried getting a kill with the flare gun? Does anyone know if that actually works? I haven't had a chance to try...
  8. Update is coming this month. PTS goes live on May 21st with the actual update and wildcard pass coming shortly after that.
  9. Sorry correction, name on here is slightly different. GT is ASTR4L ASCENT
  10. I'm not sure how that guy didn't hear Clag shooting the first guy... Oh well, his mistake for not paying attention. Now his head is gone
  11. I'll bite. GT is my forum name. I'm on daily. Try hard and just having fun, both are good with me. Add me up and we'll get some games going sometime!
  12. Hilarious I've been in a few of these situations myself ( Minus the tuktuk backflip though ) I feel for ya man.. Bad way to be sent back to the main screen
  13. At least one of those games, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should land in the same spot. Pochinki on Erangel, Hacienda on Miramar and Paradise on Sanhok... That would be so funny
  14. Why not a confetti grenade that fills a room/ area with a bunch of confetti, partially blocking view like a smoke
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