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  1. I would love to see alligators 🐊 in the swamp behinde mansion in erangle 😈
  2. Ok am not professional but!! Am good my teammates is not good 😅 so when a 2 professional players attack us and they goin to do the keep firing and throwing nades and damaging us and pushing am not gonna die without taking soneone with me 🙃
  3. Hmm I don’t think so because i just got redirected to oc server instead of eu
  4. Before the update i had an “eu” showing right next to my map selection then it diapere but now it keep showing in red color ??? @PUBG_Andymh5
  5. Probably you right I remember some days playing right after the update and i get owned man so bad
  6. Am between Asia and Europe but eu is so close to me i think my ping 100 to 120
  7. Man everytime i shoot someone they are just the best players no one aiming any more they all headshot you instantly am not kidding... i have more then 450 win 70 win (solo) so am not that bad am a normal player who take 1 sec to aim but now for some reason they all so aggressive and they auto aim especially behinde covers ! If show my self the enemy animation instantly aiming on me and destroy me .. i fell am playing a new game so are this new or its only me or it’s de-sync or what ? Because am not speaking about one or two its almost all of them !!!!!
  8. Are there’s any possibility that the update gonna hit the live servers before 28 ?? Because its seems theres no major bugs in it ,?
  9. Yeah i had the same error then I choosed 1 man squad and after the match ended i was able to play normal squad
  10. Yo i easly shot ppl running what you talking about this is why I don’t want the awm to be overpowered because its not just me alot of ppl now easily shots ppl running with the Sr ... and 20 bullet are alot everytime i get an awm i get with it 3 to 4 kills and i stll have bullet what about now you can kill them with a body shot man its a mess
  11. Noo dude thats a bug and they will fix it .. you can’t man .. playing for almost a 30 mint and dye for a one body shot ? No man that’s unfair
  12. @PUBG_Andymh5 ok so depends on what we had ... the rendering video is soo awesome but!! Can u please test it with others players parachuting next to you because it’s happened to us a lot .. rendering is much slower when there is alot of ppl coming to the same spot .. waiting for a feedback from you bud 🤙🏻
  13. Any improvement in vikendi rendering time
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