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  1. Yo i easly shot ppl running what you talking about this is why I don’t want the awm to be overpowered because its not just me alot of ppl now easily shots ppl running with the Sr ... and 20 bullet are alot everytime i get an awm i get with it 3 to 4 kills and i stll have bullet what about now you can kill them with a body shot man its a mess
  2. Noo dude thats a bug and they will fix it .. you can’t man .. playing for almost a 30 mint and dye for a one body shot ? No man that’s unfair
  3. @PUBG_Andymh5 ok so depends on what we had ... the rendering video is soo awesome but!! Can u please test it with others players parachuting next to you because it’s happened to us a lot .. rendering is much slower when there is alot of ppl coming to the same spot .. waiting for a feedback from you bud 🤙🏻
  4. Any improvement in vikendi rendering time
  5. Wow everyone who bought an ssd says “upgrade my system” 😂 yo just admit that you spent all that’s money for 1 game only 1 game what a waste the new generation off Xbox is soon .. what a waste
  6. Question:- are we gonna get the season reward at first April or in the next update ??
  7. Yo this is a game discussion for pubg why you sharing a topic about battlefield you idiot ??????????
  8. Yo you know thats easly gonna kill miramar ! And they dont want that
  9. Man you don’t relize how longer gonna be the queue for a game if they did let you chose.... it probably gonna kill the game instantly
  10. I think the best way is to keep the quick join and have another option that allows us to highlight at least 2 maps or highlight them all or just 3 and the queue gonna depends on which's maps we highlighted ex:- am gonna highlight - sanhok and erangle ex2:- am gonna highlight - miramar and vikendi and sanhok !! I think this very good option in my opinion what do you think @PUBG_Andymh5
  11. So before the update the rendering was bad on vikendi only but now the rendering is completely changed on all the maps now if i go further from the plane i see no building!! But if drop next to the plane ill see building but in play-dogh for a 1 mint at least to full render ... and if i travel fast with a veachle building goona disappear ... so this is so bad right now pleaseeeeeee have more attention about this issue XBOX ONE S WIRED CONNECTION SOLO/DUO/SQUAD NO SSD @PUBG_Andymh5
  12. I like how the flare gun works on pc but please the less flare gun drop rate the good is going to be
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