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    Suggestions d'améliorations

    Salut tout le monde , Ca serait super de revoir la quatité de loot sur les maps standard car par rapport a vikendi ou l'on trouve des loot partout et facilement sur les maps standard ca fait bizarre . Il est vrai que c'est beaucoup plus compliquer sur erangel et miramar . Bon jeu a tous et merci pour ce merveilleux jeu
  2. warnyng

    PS4 - Concours de cascades de Vikendi

    Bonjour, Quand est-ce que nous aurons le plaisir de connaitre les resultats du concours ? Merci bcp et maintenant go for chicken 😀
  3. hum ok strange for me its only works on solo ... thanks anyway
  4. Hi all, The mission on the third week : 7 kills with nade is bug, i do many kill by nade in duo but don't count , i knock by nade nothing , i kill by nade nothing ... Please do something its don't works. Thanks a lot.
  5. Ok it's seems to be worked only on solo :)
  6. Hi how you do mate ? Don't work for me :(
  7. warnyng


    ok thanks for answer
  8. Hi friend , Can we hope to have the new content like Bizon smg , moonlight weather on vikendi , canted sight the new snow bike on ps4 ? And if yes when ? Thanks a lot for answer.
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    yes of course it's just for known thanks for answer Does pc have always new content before ps4 ?
  10. warnyng

    competitive play

    hi guys , Does they provide to do some cup or tournament on ps4 ? (like fortnite every week or week end) that would be very great !! Thanks for answers.