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  1. Rick888


    We lose . Bluehole got their money, now they get to sit back and eat their strawberries that are the size of watermelons and shit
  2. The challenges still suck.
  3. Rick888

    Are you sure no bots?

    Can't you look up their usernames? Check their gamescore , check their friends list etc . Maybe bots exist but I haven't really seen any and I play almost everyday but then again who knows. If these accounts appear to be bots then we should report them .
  4. Rick888

    Is this proof pubg is dying?

    Because custom games suck (no customization for weapons) and ever since the new update came out the war mode doesn't work properly. My friends and I really did enjoy war mode but now when we play it we always get kicked out . So we just said fuck it for now . It'd be nice if they fixed some of these problems...
  5. What ever happened to the riot shield they were supposed to add? I remember hearing about it last summer and we still don't have it yet. Does PC even have it ?
  6. What really? Since when? Edit: nevermind I thought this was the Xbox forum my bad
  7. Radar hack is real. My friend and I were both sitting in a house for about twenty minutes when some other player shows up, somehow he knew we were in the house and threw a Molotov in the window . How did he know we were there when there were ten other houses nearby but he somehow knew EXACTLY where we were . Like magic. Edit : this game desperately needs a kill cam
  8. Rick888

    What's your preferred strategy?

    I always change my strategy up, but my typical plan is to hot drop, loot , get a few kills or just die right away lol. If I end up surviving I try to find a house in the middle of the map, I go to the house and I'll just camp in the bathroom for as long as possible . In real life I'll just drink a beer, smoke a cigarette, or go on my phone. Just enjoying life . Then if I end up making it to the final circle I just go run around trying to find the remaining guys and take them out . My favorite part of Pubg is the end game circle 😊
  9. I like the scorpion. It's saved my ass a few times .
  10. Rick888

    zombie mode

    It's pretty pathetic that the mobile team adds way more content than the PC and console versions . The console team is inferior.
  11. Rick888

    Proxy chat

    Exactly but there's always going to be that group of people that want to be assholes about it unfortunately. Way she goes
  12. Rick888

    Proxy chat

    Nah we definitely want proxy chat.
  13. Who cares honestly, I don't even pay attention to them lol people are always looking for something to cry about
  14. Rick888

    Let's face it

    Good for you, you're still posting on the PUBG forum buddy. Lmao.
  15. Rick888

    Let's face it

    Obviously we all care about the game or else none of us would be posting here. Including you.