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  1. yea, you have to watch the map and your surroundings and compare them. its not that hard Edit: there are tons of videos on the internet which shows you how to calculate
  2. Im not gonna buy a ssd cuz of pubg, since the hotfix on every match there is a short freeze. Hope they fix it afterwards.
  3. Hello. It was just a minor hotfix: "Xbox & PS4 Players: We've applied the following hotfixes to live servers: - Fixed an issue where controller presets were not functioning correctly - Fixed an issue where the minimap would sometimes pop up in the in-game lobby."
  4. so if someone glitches under the stairs in a building with a gun and he can shoot the enemy walking nearby, what should he do when he cant leave? chicken out?
  5. You mean the season, the pass ended already.
  6. It was a previous event reward i think. This pic is from the Vikendi guide post:
  7. Hallo! @PUBG_TecK darf auf einen video mehrere Stunts sein oder darf nur eine sein? Ich habe 2 Stunts auf einen video, dauert nur 30 sec. MfG, Purplefinger
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