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  1. I have some victories with a grenade, but my favorite is because of the distance and accuracy. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70183822
  2. Nobody cares about skin, what I want and desire is that they fix this game and that they really devote time to the developers and not only do not give bad copies of the PC updates.
  3. They should give you the prize for the best PUBG backpack, with that low count of deaths and two games with 0 that makes me doubt your skill and steel that you want the attention and recognition of your squad. I would like to add something else and that is that they were 4 consecutive victories and not 5.
  4. I would like developers to devote a true Xbox update and not just a bad copy of PC updates.
  5. I definitely prefer a victory over everything, killing 18 in a game does not leave me with the same satisfaction as winning a chicken. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/72951659
  6. I do not understand why you cry so much? Enter the game and you can still complete the weekly missions that you have pending and there are the 3 missions of the day. How sad that there are people like you in PUBG
  7. I have 2 accounts and in one I am level 111 and in the other I have just reached level 100, you could say that I am level 211 🙊
  8. I tried the method of putting the console for 3 minutes in the microwave and it really works, now my game goes smooth as silk
  9. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70183822
  10. I have two grenades that I still can not decide which of these is the best. What do you think is the best? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/71186167 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/71187088
  11. The best and quickest way is to play squad and the map I recommend is Miramar, the whole team collects grenades and gives them to a member.
  12. The bushes are the solution, amen. InmundoHumano_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS_20190312_04-53-26.mp4
  13. I had no idea of the secondary function of these grenades. I do not understand how there are people complaining that they are rare or can only carry one, after this now I love them more. InmundoHumano_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS_20190313_06-19-05.mp4
  14. Feel the power of my Vector. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70555756
  15. I'm left with this only for the molotov https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70183822
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