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  1. bzrs

    Thermal Paste and Performance

    I tried the method of putting the console for 3 minutes in the microwave and it really works, now my game goes smooth as silk
  2. bzrs

    Got my first Molotov kill today

  3. bzrs

    Show Me Your Fav Grenade Kills

    I have two grenades that I still can not decide which of these is the best. What do you think is the best? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/71186167 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/71187088
  4. bzrs

    Throw 10 grenade challenge

    The best and quickest way is to play squad and the map I recommend is Miramar, the whole team collects grenades and gives them to a member.
  5. bzrs

    Someone help an uber noob please??

    The bushes are the solution, amen. InmundoHumano_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS_20190312_04-53-26.mp4
  6. I had no idea of the secondary function of these grenades. I do not understand how there are people complaining that they are rare or can only carry one, after this now I love them more. InmundoHumano_PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS_20190313_06-19-05.mp4
  7. Feel the power of my Vector. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70555756
  8. I'm left with this only for the molotov https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70183822
  9. bzrs

    Would you rather...

    I would like people to stop complaining constantly about the same, the game is beautiful and every moment has its charm, in the quality is unique BR with more than one map And even with all this people are not satisfied, what a horrible time to live, with people complaining about everything.
  10. bzrs

    People just don't care anymore

    "You have not looked back" and continue on PUBG forums 🙊🙊🙊🙊
  11. It is sad to see threads like this and like all other things that exist in the forums where people try to blame the game for their mistakes instead of accepting that they are bad for playing. I really love PUBG and I love each one of its maps since each one must be played in a different way. I do not understand how other BRs are successful with a single map and everyone thinks they are the best thing that has happened to the video game industry.
  12. bzrs


    Forgive me for shooting you while running https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/inmundo-humano/video/70351448
  13. bzrs


    that option is very likely
  14. Here are my predictions for PUBG after the update next Tuesday. 1- Fix Vikendy and Miramar, but now the game freezes in the middle of the game. 2- All clothing is displayed incorrectly 3- Your wonderful compensation for the inconvenience is a cap or 10000BP to buy a helmet with a value of 10000BP 4- Nothing of the previous thing and the game is worse than in the early access
  15. I do not understand why so much post about what complaints and crying for not being able to complete the misons, are the simplest and without major problem any person that really knows how to play and can complete them in a couple of hours. It took me 2 hours to complete 6 missions of week 6.