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  1. When i deselect Vikendi i instantly get put back and no chance of a eu server from that point on lol
  2. Dwp

    No change servers option on Xbox One?

    Hi, first of, thank you for your comment/help. i can give you my gamertag and everything, but does that really take away the problem? Its kinda obvious that its a big problem for most likely all eu players, you can maybe fix my problem by putting me always in a eu server, but does that take away the problem overall? I rather hope and want that you guys fix it for all of us. And i mostly play random team games. and the fun part is when i wait for the red to go away it still puts me in an oc or na, sa server. when i quickly press when its red i sometimes get put in an eu server, so there is something wrong with this server stuff. i love pubg to much to just walk away, so ik hoping you guys keep putting effort in this game for all of us gamers.
  3. Dwp

    Wrong Region!!!!!

    LoL you guys really took down my comment?? it is what it is, you guys want gamertags and think the problem goes away. From the 20 games i play only 2 of them are on an EU server, it gets worse, im now being put onto SA servers. Also waiting for the red to go away, doesnt help! And not being able to select your fav map is also becoming very annoying, playing maps i dont like on servers that lag me out. Its becoming a drag and it takes away the fun of playing a game, im telling you guys, you are losing players and support. Nobody in their right freakin minds wants to play that Apex garbage
  4. From the 20 games i play, i play 2 on a EU server, 18 are on NA or SA servers, wich results into major lag and non fun game.
  5. Dwp

    Car Noise

    Yeah its even ear damaging, thats how crazy loud the bikes and cars are.
  6. Dwp

    No change servers option on Xbox One?

    Doesnt work most of the time, even when i wait it still as a European puts me into NA.
  7. Hi, first of i love the game like most of the players. since the update 19gb, i havent been able to connect to any Europe server, wich results into unplayable gameplay, always lose in battle even when im running into cover its just always to late!!!! Yes i have tried the tricks and waiting for the red high ping signs to go away but come on, its been a long week and still no progress in this. next problem is my controller draining insane fast and losing connection, this also started since the 19gb update!! Please fix this, as i bought the game and as a customer i have the right to own a full functioning game.
  8. Dwp

    No Europe server???

    Not sure what that has to do with my thread and problems that i clearly explain when it started and when it occurs playing a specific game after a specific update. The black screen has nothing to do with what im saying, its like diverting from the real issue here. Priority is delivering a healthy game with healthy options, many people will leave this game if these forced options will continue. Gaming is for fun, when people cant play fun stuff and fun maps anymore then it becomes a drag and people start looking for something else. Lets talk about healthy matchmaking when there is nobody around no more to matchmake with.
  9. Dwp

    No Europe server???

    While they are at it, is it possible to get a map selection option? Because i really dont like th fact im being forces to play maps i dont like, especially when its my game, i mean i didnt rent the game, so why change so much stuff that isnt fun to begin with. But my controller only does it when i play Pubg and since the update, unless you got a better story, im blaming it so far on the update.