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  1. M-16 is imo very accurate and hits more targets then the M4 while going full retard imo. I would love the shark bite skin, all the other colors i aint touching.
  2. Server pick yes. random teams still puts me in squads all over the world. Last time was in an OC server, when opening a door i had to wait for a second before it opened. After a couple of months seeing and experiencing that this server match up doesnt work, i would like to have the ability to choose for myself for an EU server and be put in random squads in the EU. Ffs i unloaded a clip with the berryl on a guy ten meters in front of me, aimed he had no helmet no vest, the bullets went through his head and nothing happened, two shots and i died, with helmet and vest. If someone from a certain region wants randoms, dont let the option be all over the fckn world ffs. Even with the old server selection mode, the server would put me at night with other servers because of the lack of EU players, ok fair enough. but even now when i play in the afternoon while the otherside of the world is a sleep, it keeps searching in that area. while whole fckn Europe is awake and playing!!! I mean come on!!!!
  3. Maybe its time i invite some EU friends every now and then
  4. Yes and no. The game shouldnt find squaddies for me in other servers in the first place, even if i did random squads, no need to put the EU player with SA/NA squad players. But yes im being put into their servers, do to bad matchmaking, wich causes lag/high ping, thus wrong server placement.
  5. Yep, in EU i dont have the problems. Even one problem that popped up, is you get hurt faster, like i got three shots from an uzi up close and i was knocked, with everything lvl2, on a EU server i can still do something back, but with the NA/SA servers, its like 60/50 that i dont win due to most likely ping/lag. Im part Borg, so for now i will adapt.
  6. Yes, most of the times.
  7. As soon as i made a ticket to support, i had an answer back within an hour wich was awesome. Their reply was (the short version) "they are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix the issue. the whole process may take a while but rest assured that our game development team will find a soution for this and fix the issue as soon as possible" Besides the minor flaws at this moment, im pretty content with how the game is doing now on Xbox, so im having faith and trust that it will only get better, its still one of the best games out there imo.
  8. https://pubglookup.com/players/xbox/shutyourhole26/season This is the guy that did that?
  9. Thank you, i submitted it, so i let you guys know on further info on this matter.
  10. On this forum or ingame?
  11. I always check, but if i should back out everytime, i dont think im able to play games in one night, it would be limited to 50 loading screens and 2 actual games to play
  12. Gonna check out if its server related, wich it probably is.
  13. Hmm no EU is in red when i do teamplay, even if i wait 20 seconds. For some reason it thinks im not from the EU, well the Netherlands is pretty much EU.
  14. Yeah well what can i do? i said it a thousand times, im from EU, i get tossed into NA servers and SA servers all the time when i start op teamplay, solo its ok its E. But if they dont put the option back with server selection, i and many others get this.
  15. Hello there, My question/rant about buttons on the controller that dont respond or respond fast enough. Last night i was in a tight situation in the Quary bowl, i jumped on one of the big sand bricks to quickly snatch the uzi, because guys were coming, so grabbed the stuff around the uzi, and as last i wanted to take the uzi i pressed the button and jumped off, due to not responding (because i really pressed it when it said micro uzi) i missed that and thus got killed. Same i have many times, when reloading, hold to reload during intense situations but it doesnt activate so i have to press that big Xbox button again and hold it to reload and get it activated. And offcourse in a hotdrop it just keeps grabbing, and eventually grabbing nothing but bullets, same for when i see a scope or medkit, and underneath it is a stupid handgun quickdraw, and offcourse my character picks that up befor the big ass scope/medkit that was in sight from 200 meters away. Besides that, would be nice to change the sensitivity or response time on buttons, because i have a feeling the Xbox controller buttons are a little bit to clunky. And i only play with a standard controller so.
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