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  1. Your not called bigshot for no reason I see
  2. Tried this a few months ago doesnt work until they come up with some shit fpp is ded nibba
  3. Could of got r6 seige for 10 euro instead
  4. What level is everyone on the pass?
  5. Miramar remake but it's actually Iraq instead of Mexico would be awesome
  6. The game is in it's best state right now ,did you play it when it first came out on ps4 ?youd see the difference
  7. There is also apex legends which is free , bf5 battleroyale ,black out fortnite h1z1 realm royale if you dont like pubg or just find some friends to play with or even play solo ...there you go
  8. Can somebody smart work out the math on how much you will need to play to complete the full season pass
  9. This game is very good now all we need now is higher fps and everyone to play fpp
  10. You should start making your own game with full map selection you seem like an expert
  11. Its brown this time not ginger would be nice if it was black beard
  12. Played a game on Vivendi very good runs much smoother mp is af tho need a new ar or sniper
  13. I didn't get mine either but some of my friends got them
  14. Good answer just keep changing featured map and that’s it I play on quick join anyway , miramar on pc tho is non existent 😂
  15. They said before it’s too complicated because of some rights etc , would be nice to get better skins tho more stuff
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