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  1. Villain 84

    That boring map selection thread

    I would like the opposite of you. I prefer the smaller Sanhok map but keep getting miramar! Trade places?
  2. Villain 84

    Quick Join Update / Map Selection

    I'm only getting Mirarmar and it drives me mad. I've had a few chicken dinners on it but I hardly get time to play so Sanhok only was perfect for me. Shorter games = more games played. Please bring back mini royale!!!!!
  3. Villain 84

    Struggling since update

    Good to see people have same issues but what can I do about it? Played some decent games yesterday. 6 top 10 in a row but that was my team mate. I died early in 3 of them!
  4. Hi all Don't know if this is just me or happened to others but I am struggling big time since the update. My friend and I play duos and are usually in the top 10 / regular winners and I even managed to get to the dizzy heights of 13th in Duos in EU! However, since the update I have been useless. I cannot win a gunfight at all and have been downed so many times. I seem to be hitting people and get the blood splat etc but can't get the kill. What was a routine easy kill before the update is now non existent. It's like I'm playing a totally different game!!