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  1. For me OC solo tpp has been getting put in NA during off peak times. Not sure if it was an intentional change last hotfix, but logged it as a bug anyway.
  2. Sorry you dont know what you are talking about, high ping players that quit out and rejoin the matchmaking pool will rejoin the same server with the same high ping, there is no ping matchmaking. You said 70ms is unplayable, i just watched KAYMIND destroying people, his ping never dropped below 79ms. Your right i was just your typical kid who thinks he has obtained mastery in everything under the sun by the tender age of 21, im now 45 so ive mastered everything twice over. I dont know why you would think EU players cant understand online latency anymore than a NA player, i suspect your lonely and just trolling.
  3. Mate I've been an online pc gamer since the 90s and I can tell you 70ms is fine to play on. Shroud has been at 60ms recently while on the pts, gets a couple kills still. While everyone would love super low ping, your best off worrying about what you can control ie. Positioning and weapon control.
  4. Proximity to server only affects latency not desync. People playing with the lowest latency have a small advantage, welcome to online gaming. They are using less than 6 server locations worldwide, which means most people are not close to a server. Plenty people getting kills/wins from 200ms from server.
  5. Although the server is in NA that does not mean its for north americans. I would think alot of mexican gamers have lower ping to NA server than the SA server. There are no servers that are exempt from high ping players as there just isn't enough server locations, and with a decreasing player base thats not likely to change. At least you dont have to wait minutes for games to start.
  6. Bit strange that you can leap from a 5 story building down to a 2m high ledge and not take fall damage. Also I assume your gun needs to be holstered to initiate the ledge grab animation.
  7. Your picking the hardest game to learn mnk on, good luck
  8. Will be a totally different game with ledge grabs, opens up a lot of options. Getting blown up by a gas can as you walk through a door will get old quick, will be fun for a bridge block tho. 😁
  9. Seriously how much crap do you need to carry? stop looting and get in the fight.
  10. Weapon spawns have been instant for me since patch 7 even with an average Internet connection, so it might your server.
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