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  1. Nightscope74

    Is there any talk of PUBG2?

    Fpp is more action but less tactical, run n gun. If your a good shot you can play aggressive as you like.
  2. Nightscope74

    Xbox One, X SSD and HDD full test

    Both Xbox and ps5 will both have some current gen components in their next machines if they want to maintain low prices. I'm sure they will have ssd in both if 4k textures are the standard.
  3. Nightscope74


    Any type of cooperation is teaming, what's going to happen when you both hit the final circle?
  4. Nightscope74

    what is best way to share pubg clips?

    I have my laptop on the same network as the Xbox, stream my game to the laptop via Xbox app and record using obs studio(free). You then have the whole game recorded including yours and team mates chatter. From there I edit with windows movie maker, makes it quick and easy. When I can't be bothered setting up the laptop I use a USB 3.0 flash drive.
  5. Nightscope74

    Omg to many issues about done

    If you drop with some else your chances of survival is the same whether you both pickup shotguns or assault rifles, don't know where you get 10% from. Too many people worry about getting the perfect load out in the early game. The secret IMO is to be aware of your surroundings on the drop, loot quickly and efficiently and push nearby players as soon as you can. Most of my loot comes from players I kill.
  6. Nightscope74

    Don't sleep on the VSS

    Yeah vss is a beast.
  7. Nightscope74


    Bf5 mp is fine only firestorm stuttering.
  8. I hot drop every time and been shot through walls and killed maybe 3 times, but I've killed at least 50 people stuck in ground/walls.
  9. Firstly its an advantage to have an ssd, Secondly the rendering wont be fixed without either better hardware or reducing the rendering load (as sanhok does)
  10. Nightscope74


    Probably because its not a problem with all users, most likely a certain set of variables that is contributing to the problem. I still cant play bf5 firestorm because of the lag and stuttering, and thats a AAA dev team.
  11. Nightscope74

    Blue Circle on streamers screen

    post the vid
  12. Nightscope74

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    $50 will get you a new 256g ssd, i got a used one in one of my xboxs paid 20 been perfect. had an ssd since about 3 weeks after preview launch, could not imagine playing all this time without one.
  13. Its strange, I had the freezing and framerate dips on the previous patch, but this patch fixed all of that for me.
  14. Loads in perfect with no lagging for me with an ssd.
  15. Nightscope74

    Broken Game!! Help

    None of these problems for me, this update fixed the crap performance i was experiencing after the last update.