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  1. Man I know! I went San Martin, got excited ran in the open and got dropped 😐. Now trying to get back in but it's having none of it lol
  2. I literally just played a FPP on Miramar with 67 players! Yeah the player count wasn't great but I got in a game!! Is this the revival of FPP or a one off!? Lol🤞
  3. I noticed that yesterday, still waited 5+ minutes for a game on each playlist and ended up giving up. I think is either some weird bug, or the Devs editing the time 🤷
  4. Yeah, maybe it is a too big of a step away from what makes pubg unique..
  5. Nah I prefer pubg mate. But thanks for your input 👍
  6. I think it'd be awesome to be able to bring a dead teammate back. Absolute nightmare when you're 1 on 1 with another squad and your pal goes down then the a-hole finishes them instantly. I think it'd be interesting if defibs spawned as a rare item, or something like a combination of med kit and adrenaline syringe could bring a dead team mate back. You could potentially have a team mate play as a 'medic'. I'm curious to know the communities view on this. Also imagine you could lock/jam doors shut, but be able to kick them down as well. Reduce the sound slightly of opening doors normally, but kicking them open makes a hell of a racket..? I reckon these ideas could add a whole new angle to this brilliant, but slightly broken game lol
  7. I completely agree. I much prefer FPP rather than TPP but the waiting times are ridiculous as no one is playing FPP anymore. I do however have a suggestion for the Devs to combat this problem but I doubt they will see this post.. If there was specific challenges with cosmetic rewards only obtainable in FPP that could be used in TPP and FPP, and vice versa. It would then give an incentive for more people the play both perspectives and hopefully bring back life to FPP
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