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  1. How would one go about reporting after you move on to the spectating screen? There is no option...and in some cases you are not certain (such as people teaming) until after you spectate. Is there a place to upload clips of it? I have about 5-6 recorded of people in solos teaming and looting my body togather
  2. Nice. My highest was a 12 before the official release of the game. Since I have hit 9 a few times, but cant get back to double digits
  3. I was wondering what time the season will end on the 14th. I am close to lone survivor and I need to know if I need to grind it out tomorrow or if I can split it up Be nice if It ended at 23:59 on the 14th
  4. Anyone know? I know it was sometime in May, but I do not remember seeing a date. Im just curious if I have the time to make a push to get Survivor or not. Sitting around 5400 or so
  5. I saw someone else mention it earlier, but I did not say it and I want to stress it again. Dont remain stationary, unless you are certain the area is clear. I know you worry about footsteps, but remember you will hear them coming just as they hear you. I cannot tell you have many people have lived because they are constantly moving, even behind cover like a rock or a tree. There are so many shots I have passed because I do not want to risk a miss and give away my position. Even when healing/boosting you can move slightly or crouch and stand up without interrupting it. Yes, you are more likely to be seen that way....but trust me its better to be seen and have them miss than having a guaranteed 1hko with a K9 or and M24. The good players wont even take a shot until they are confidant they can get you. If the are not they will pass or reposition to try and get a better shot, which gives you a chance to spot them
  6. Every person plays differently so all I can do is give you general advice. First do not be discouraged....most of the people you are going up against at this point are people that really like pubg, and have put in a lot of hours. The whole 'hey, new shiney' has worn off the game and a lot of bandwagon players have moved on, so your opponents will be the ones that really get the game and have put in a lot of time. The game is just as much the choices you make as it is your skill. You need to put yourself in the position to win...and a lot of that you only get from putting time in the game. Learning the maps, where people are most likely hiding, or the direction they will be coming from, when to take fights and when to avoid them, how to reposition, ect. Things like remembering the plane path, and using that and the map features to figure out which side of the circle will have the least traffic, and which will involve a lot of guns fights. Paying attention to sounds...the more info the better. Im not just talking about footsteps....but firefights from far away...it lets you know where people are and will come from. Knowing the sound of each gun, so you can tell who won the fights. I will say this....top 5 situations are much different the rest of the games. Being that your stressing for your first dinner makes it harder on you. Im sure you hands sweat a bit...heart starts beating a bit faster. When its down to that point you need to plan your moves a lot more carefully. Taking a fight at the wrong time gets you shot in the back. Each game is different...its why the game doesnt go stale. There is no one thing I could tell you that will net you a dinner. You have have learn from experience and what works for you...whether you are better playing passive or aggressive...if you do better with distance fights are up close...those things. Oh...and smokes. Dear god learn to use smokes. So many people does understand how important utility items are in this game
  7. I think the sound is just off. There has been multiple times now were someone has got into my building without me hearing a sound. But its not consistent and seems to happen at random
  8. I did not say it wasnt a viable way to play. Its a game, and the point is to have fun...and if fun for some players is the sitting for 30 minutes but seeing that winner winner at the end, good for them. The question was which would you prefer....I prefer kills and getting in on the action fast. Has it cost me wins? absolutely, but I find myself enjoying the game. There really is no wrong way. Its based on the individual and what works for them. I play more duo/squads because I enjoy it more, even though my win rate is a LOT higher as a solo player
  9. Kills. I could get a dinner and camp the whole match easy enough. But it would be a boring waste of time to be honest. I wanna enjoy the game...so I tend to play very aggressive, and take fights that I know are a bad idea for the reason.
  10. The freezing/dashboarding are major major issues for me. To play now I am forced to land in remote locations, because if it freezes (even for a second or two) each time I loot in the game, its enough that another player can get a gun and kill me. Any hotdrop locations are out of the question. And the dashboard....nothing like getting booted to the menu, and coming back in dead to blue. The fact that it was an issue for so long and how returned....its infuriating seeing them take 3 steps back with every patch. Also while not gamebreaking, the flare gun has been bugged for me. Three times and I have yet to see the actual flare
  11. Seriously Im mad. I have played since the games release, and most of the bugs have not bugged me until I started falling through vikindi. But now.. The game has been crap for me today. I have seriously rage quit twice trying to play and I cant remember the last time I did that. Experiences massive frame freeze right after I land whenever I try to pick up loot. 2 random matches were i literally COULD NOT DRAW MY GUN. A game where I had a glitch where instead of bring up my character inventory it when the the system menu (on tap, instead of holding it down) and I had to back out and load the match in progress to fix it and now I have dashboarded twice when I havent done that for 6 months For the love of god....this is what test servers should be for. Why the hell put stuff in the game that will bring back issues we had 6 months ago? Almost all the people I play with have quit..and im getting close. Looks like Ill finally get to play RD2 now, until this garbage is fixed
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