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  1. I have published a new version, please download the newer one if you have the old one and overwrite all the files with the ones in the same download location. The new version will retry instead of crashing when the API limit is hit. Eventually it will get through and it will refresh your local files. Thanks! TBiggs14
  2. Just so everyone knows, I'm now hitting the API limit on pubg due to wide use. I'm working on a resolution. Please let me know if you're using. I'll be working on an update ASAP and will let everyone know when it's available. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys. I am a new streamer (and a software developer in my day job), using obs studio and streaming pubg for ps4. I use streamlabs' streamlabels to populate my overlays with subscriber/follower/etc. data. I was playing around with the pubg api and created a console application to update text files (labels) to use in obs for showing my stats on my stream. I even created one for the last 10 games (finished place and kills) for an ESPN-like ticker at the bottom of my stream. If you're interested in using it, it's available here (http://bretonsoftware.com/pubglabel.zip). All you need to do is extract the zip to a folder, edit the .config file with notepad to adjust to your specific playerid/console/path settings, and then run the exe (minimize it and allow it to run in the background). You can then use obs studio to add a text element to your scene using any of the output files as input. If you need help setting it up, feel free to contact me at (contact@bretonsoftware.com) and I'll be sure to help. If you like, consider donating using the url on my stream page (http://twitch.tv/tbiggs14) and give me a shout out! Also, I'd like to hear suggestions for future development. I'm already working on a proper api and a version that runs in the windows system tray. Edit: Forgot to mention you'll need windows 10 (or windows 7 or later with the latest os updates) in order to run.
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