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  1. In response to the recent "Survivor Pass: Vikendi Schedule" post: Lumos posted the pass ends on April 2nd but the grace period is continued until April 9th. Can we still earn XP until the 9th or is it only to claim rewards? It's a little misleading because the time left in the main menu screen points to April 9th. Thanks!
  2. Well written post SAS03, I agree. I would love to see some type of ranked playlist, separate from normal public matches, but I don't think the player base is there at the moment. Which is also why I suspect map selection isn't in the game on console. I never have issues queuing into TPP matches (xbox) but I've heard people complain about FPP wait times on the current console build. I really feel like it would be the BEST business decision for PUBG to go free to play and offer all players who paid some sort of a benefit. Maybe the next survivor pass or two for free ($10-$20 dollar value). This is similar to what CS:GO did back in December on PC. So many more gamers would be inclined to download the game and give it a try - and we've seen this work successfully with several games including the newest BR success: Apex Legends. In time PUBG would make more money off more players buying in game content/survivor passes then the initial $30 dollar investment. Not to mention the media publicity alone with "going free". Time a new content update a few weeks after that to keep the hype building. Then negotiate a cross-play deal with Sony/Microsoft (with increased player-base and revenue numbers to seal the deal - which I'm going to assume again, is how Fortnite and Rocket League got the deal done - obviously business/life is more complicated then that, but it's for sure a possibility).
  3. Thank you very much! I appreciate the help. I did a satirical reading of my poem, if you have are taking a break from work. Have a good weekend. https://youtu.be/JV8PaeWHngQ
  4. Thank you for responding and sharing that link. My gamertag on Xbox is the same as my username on the forum "BLiTz5".
  5. I was one of the ten Xbox players selected as a winner in the Holiday Poem event contest and I still have not received my reward. The official post said that xbox players would receive the award on January 25th, 2019 and it's been over 2 weeks. I've tried contacting them on the forum, reddit and on twitter for the past week and haven't heard any response. Severely disappointing in the lack of communication. - Ray "BLiTz5"