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  1. I'm happy to grind mostly on one map for a month, it gives me a chance to really have a good go at it, using different play styles and tactics along the way. My consern was for other members on the forum. Some people just don't stop complaining! PUBG fo life!
  2. I dunno mate for me as long as I'm not moving when I press hold breath and then I bobble around seems to hold breath for me, or that I've being doing it wrong for so long I believe it's still working ha!
  3. I've being unlucky to have only found this winnie and only once I was able to take it and head shot a couple guys at the start of the round. Fortunately they were within 50mtrs. I've also hip and soft aimed people to death but rairly Come out on top.
  4. I would love a couple more SRs for sure. Or how about we mount small magnification scopes on the Winnie?
  5. Fav is Sanhok, I know it well. Have a couple diff strats for start game. I like the color pallet of sanhock. Fresh and green nice beaches etc, next is vikendi due to its size and compromise between small and large, lots of buildings lots of outside cover. Third is erangel but really enjoying this one being featured this month, had some awesome times on her. wish there was a night time for all maps too.
  6. I shoot out the tyers and jump in and back out, love watching a car roll down a hill or road all sparking along the way. Thanks for the tip Andy too, going to have a few goes at it today, thought I use to be able to do it without the hand break being engaged.
  7. Okay so I'm not sure if someone has asked or it's popped up but how about every week the map rotates to the next featured map, this would balance out most of the negative feedback and give everyone a chance to play on one of there favs within a reasonable time.
  8. Lolz Yeah it toatly shreds doesn't it, red dot on a suppressed extended tommy is where I'm at.
  9. Lol, I aslo have kids but unless your a single parent I don't see the harm. We as parents work our ass off at work and again when we get home so to have a solid sesh kinda makes up for all those hours missed during other times.
  10. This is cool. I like the idea of auto bandage too. Might save on instances where you and a target switch up strats instead of just a 5 minute peek and fire exercise. Heal on the downlow whilst creeping to different cover, nothing wrong with mixing it up.
  11. I don't think story mode will ever come around. Definitely not in this release. The video is a clean shot at out fictional story of pub lore and I enjoyed it, also ties into the visual update of erangel hitting live servers, like most here, I love the game but personally choose a smoother frame rate then layers of "stuff" . I enjoy reading or watching dev letters for Pc update because you know it's not too far away for us console users. *pub wood tuck*
  12. That's an awesome clip! Ties into the pubg law thats posted further down! So juicy. So looking forward to S4. Winter Erangel would look be the bomb but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Its a nice touch for theatrics tho, Passing of ages etc.
  13. Best topic ever! I hope you feel better soon. I havnt sustained injuries from gaming but had injuries that effect my gaming. I'm sorry but youre situation just made me laugh.
  14. Because they worked 10 hours, delt with 4 kids for hours more, cooks cleans and finally sits down for a casual game of pub son.
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