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  1. Is there any reason for clothing to be random? Why not just have each peice purchasable with BP? Even if, for the rare peices, they need to be really expensive. Priced at the average amount of BP to get them in the random crates. I would kindof prefer a higher price. Like even if it was a million BP, it would be nice to have a goal and finish line in sight, it also could be something you can show off in the match. Besides stat progression and skill, there isnt anything in-game to make you feel like youre any different than a noobie. Its frustrating only wanting one peice in a box and feeling like you have nothing to show for hundreds of hours put into the game because youre only getting common items. While any brand new player has just as much chance as you at getting rares. What do you guys think?
  2. Would you like some beans? Ready to serve
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