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  1. I've killed a team mate on purpose.....because I knew I wouldn't be able to revive him and I didn't want the other squad to get credit for the kill!!!
  2. jam062307

    New crate

    bought 10 of the crates...got 9 pairs of the 3 different kinds of shoes......thanx but no thanx!!!
  3. jam062307

    tpp players

    you know you can go into FPP mode while playing TPP. Maybe a way of playing the way you like while still letting other people play the way they like!
  4. jam062307

    Frags - too OP?

    damn..that's bullshit right there...how could you have gotten damaged from that! Whenever I throw a grenade it acts like i'm throwing a snowball!!!!
  5. jam062307

    Frags - too OP?

    Damn, you're right...damn movies and TV shows..... Then bring on the C4....I want to lay traps!!!!!
  6. jam062307

    Frags - too OP?

    I'd like to see them make gas cans shootable/explodable. I'd lay one by a car....camp the car and then shoot it when someone gets in the car......BOOM!!!!! But then I'm also the guy who shoots out car tires as I drive by cars not in use...and camp the drivers side of others so I can kill the driver and leave the other guys as fodder!!!
  7. My buddies and I have a rule..... Don't Go Alone.... if you are going to die....take one with you!!!! I like your level of petty!!!
  8. jam062307

    Salty messages

    I don't send messages...I give salty virtual surprises and let my actions do the talking... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jam062307/video/70433186
  9. I had a nice fellow bring me a snow mobile while I was running in the blue...... he was so kind!! https://xboxclips.com/JAM062307/354de939-eb56-44b9-9b12-afadc6483cad
  10. Can you guys fix Vikendi? The map is unplayable with how long it takes to load. I have a wired 500mbps broad band running a x1x. Load in should not be a problem!!!
  11. jam062307

    Flying cars in game!?

    Check this bug out!!!! All that missing is the moon and some music!! PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Full Product Release.mp4
  12. jam062307

    Parachuting Bug!

    If you use the right stick to look up towards the sky you will go slower, I got as low as 164. But then you can't see the ground underneath you.
  13. jam062307

    Buildigs Not loading new map

    Yup, Vikendi no building loads until I am already on the ground for about 30s. Xbox1x with wired broadband fiber internet. Also on Mirimar, I have to wait for weapons to load in after I drop.I should not have any rendering issues with the equipment I am using.
  14. jam062307

    Lobby bug every round

    I've had this happen as well!! Very annoying.