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  1. Gonna add...truck. Car, Chevy or bronco... it’s a fugly damn car😂
  2. People actually care?? I just say “there is a car truck thing up here” but then, i’m A girl so Chevy and bronco mean jack shit to me🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. I agree, i’m Pretty crap and would likely opt out if it became a serious competition🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. I’ve never ever seen played an fpp game😭 i’ve Only ever played pubg and always in tpp
  5. I don’t mind vikendi since I stopped falling through the map every time😂 I personally prefer vikendi to miramar 🙄
  6. @DB0VIN got me 😭😭 I think you guys all need to teach me how to play, I only got @Baba Yaga 138 cos he didn’t think to look behind himself😂
  7. Erangal is the map i’m Least confident on as I rarely have it on my rotation so i’m Quite looking forward to being able to choose it. I love sanhok but I hate playing it repeatedly
  8. I was spectating someone on vikendi the other day, he was just inside the blue, had left a compound, he turned around, ran into the blue losing a lot of health ( 4th circle) to grab the vehicle he had left behind, to then drive the 10seconds back into the zone and ditch the car at the exact place he’d Been when he turned back, he then ran the rest of the way. Like, wtf!?!
  9. Gg everyone! actually got a kill, them embarrassed myself by going and getting killed😂😂 ah well, there’s always another game
  10. Pretty sure you can get into the next one.
  11. Hahaha I so want to be the one to kill you
  12. Oh Jesus, that’s a much worse thought😭😂
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