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    Pubg / life balance

    You never know! I am not a game player, my husband asked for pubg for his birthday, having no idea what it was I got it and after watching him play a few games I was hooked. I’ve been playing it forever a year now, our quality time in the evening is me upstairs on the xbox, him downstairs on one chatting on mic, I think we actually talk more than we ever did before 😂
  2. This team disgust me! There are 4-5 of them teaming, they took my husband out 4 on 1 last week. Also reported and still they pop up in games every night
  3. SleepyGrumpyCat

    Teaming up on solo’s

    I am so sick of the teaming. There is one particular “team” of 3/4 that are always teaming and ambushing in solo, I have been in multiple solo games with them, they share a “team” name, matching characters/outfits and freely run and kill together. As soon as I see their names pop up on the kill feed I just lose interest as it feels like I have no chance at all.
  4. SleepyGrumpyCat

    What is the best map for you and why ?

    Sanhok for me, the loot amount is great and I love that you don’t have big zone chasers if you land on the opposite side of the map to the zone
  5. SleepyGrumpyCat

    EU servers

    I wait until the red “oc” or “na” to disappears and then click to play, I always get eu servers
  6. SleepyGrumpyCat

    Just curious

    33 (just!)
  7. SleepyGrumpyCat

    Broken ass game

    Then you are one of the few lucky ones🙄
  8. SleepyGrumpyCat

    What the...

    Last night I was driving and fell through the map into water, almost drowned and about 30secs later was put back on land. The glitches are awful!