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  1. I got to kill @HairMetalLarusso too 😁 my little birthday gift to him...living up to my sneaky title😂
  2. Thanks for stepping in tonight @HairMetalLarusso! Had a fab night
  3. Now what irresponsible parent would let their 10yr old play pubg🙄😂
  4. Really inconsiderate of you to have a holiday! Who is gonna kill @Prinzar over and over now?😂
  5. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. It’s an open forum so when one person voices their opinion/ideas others are going to voice theirs in response, that’s the point of a public forum.
  6. I’m not sure why this bothers you... letting the partner die means one less player to beat/be hit by and then you only have the one team mate to get. i go for the kill straight after a knock and if I have a chance to revive my partner I will, however, if it means i’m Likely to not survive then i’ll Let him die, he does the same
  7. You can save the 5 level up vouchers but all blue, white, yellow vouchers get reset if not used
  8. Kids are selfish buggers! No way i’m Opting to do it...could you lot imagine my voice trying to do a commentary😂😂 I think @Prinzar should do it
  9. I don’t play music when I play...I kind of like getting immersed in the game and the sounds.
  10. Thanks again for hosting wainz0r! I love the Saturday evening games...although I feel you should all stop killing me. Please and thank you 😁
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