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  1. Would need 2 b an update on Tuesday game is playing like garbage hit detection a disgrace at mo. Game full of cheaters using radar hacks if caught they ban the gamertag so they just make another tag n share their gold and game to new gamertag plus the dsync shot round corners also u load in2 maps n buildings not there looking at a sand pit in paradise countdown screen every1 getting pissed off tbh
  2. Ok so after the latest 2gb update game is broken as hell frames dropped hit detection in hot drops getting killed through trees taking cover from grenade behind tree killed people still landing inside buildings walking through walls sound issues also the list goes on.... are u ever pubg going to bring out an update that don't break stuff seriously it's like ur just trying to transfer pc data on2 an Xbox.. mental note for u it ain't working maybe u should do some research an interviews for devs that actually know wot their doing and to be honest every1 is fed up with no rewards everytime u break something how about an apology of 1000 g coins 2 every player
  3. Pubg as noted above in a 4 man squad or 3man squad players are not being shown in team nor do they have a squad number since patch been friendly firing squad members due to this yet they are being shown for maybe 1 or 2 squad members on all maps this glitch
  4. They could do with fixing the rendering so people can't drop inside buildings to get the weapons let alone remaster maps
  5. Really people landing inside unrendered buildings getting weapons like this unfair advantage against people on the 1x u fixed bugs and added a new weapon but you can't fix the main problem with the game
  6. Pubg u need 2 bring back server choice I've been waiting 20mins on a solo it's 5am here in the UK quick join isn't working correctly it's clear for every1 waiting on matchs I've 80mbps broadband I can play on NA servers with no lag slight dsync but ur OC servers r trash I want to b able to play a matchs at 5am not sit waiting 20mins
  7. Having a white zone circle on vikendi is just totally stupid another thing pubg need to fix it's should be blue like the blue zone closing in or u should b able 2 change it ourselves
  8. I've friends n family in Australia who want server selection back cause OC servers are to laggy they get better connection on NA servers just shows the mentality of pubg they change something that ain't broken release vikendi and say it's a 6x6 map when it's clearly 4x4 playable and then make excuses it was broken on the pts server they didn't fix it and still released it 2 live servers
  9. Ok pubg it's clear to be seen ur quick join is as broken as vikendi it's 4.45am here in the UK and game searching 12mins trying to find a game of duos absolutely disgraceful when we had server selection we could jump in2 NA servers and get a game in 30secs ffs give us server selection back
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