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  1. They've made the hit boxes bigger on better players at pubg so any noob can kill better players... games a disgrace since last update ur getting shot from a compound in the distance u scope in with a kar9 6times scope buildings look like play doh then they kill u.. U view player and he's inside the play doh building
  2. Where's my bullets goin server number 401.7.1.54-764cdc Eu goes to show how broken pubg is 20190616_031620.mp4
  3. Game crashes back again seriously pubg 2 steps forward 9 million steps back any chance u can fix pubg absolute joke every update u break something else
  4. Nightscope I've been killed by guy in front of me I'm behind tree meding
  5. Pubg what's the point in the trees when u can get shot through them. This been goin on as couple of months #fixpubg
  6. Eu red symbol does not disappear after waiting if u change from solos to duos to squads we constantly get the message saying THERE MAY BE A DEGRADATION IN NETWEORK QUALITY AND IT AFFECT ALL TEAM MEMBERS. ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SELECT THIS OPTION? We dont have region selection. We could understand getting this message if we were in the USA but we are in the EU why are we getting this message and where are we really getting redirected to since last update game hasnt been right. #FIXPUBG
  7. Would need 2 b an update on Tuesday game is playing like garbage hit detection a disgrace at mo. Game full of cheaters using radar hacks if caught they ban the gamertag so they just make another tag n share their gold and game to new gamertag plus the dsync shot round corners also u load in2 maps n buildings not there looking at a sand pit in paradise countdown screen every1 getting pissed off tbh
  8. Ok so after the latest 2gb update game is broken as hell frames dropped hit detection in hot drops getting killed through trees taking cover from grenade behind tree killed people still landing inside buildings walking through walls sound issues also the list goes on.... are u ever pubg going to bring out an update that don't break stuff seriously it's like ur just trying to transfer pc data on2 an Xbox.. mental note for u it ain't working maybe u should do some research an interviews for devs that actually know wot their doing and to be honest every1 is fed up with no rewards everytime u break something how about an apology of 1000 g coins 2 every player
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