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  1. Thanks voor de google action, i didnt think about the almighty knownledge of google 🤐
  2. I notice since a couple of days that on the start screen of xbox before you go to the tittle screen now has another name. Where there was Bluehole company now it says Krafton Game Union. So is this a new team or studio that has taken over the Xbox production?
  3. Xamian

    When does Season 2 end?

    It's been 2 days now, dont tell me they still dont know the and date? that wolud be ridiculous. In 3 days its april 1st don't give us then a message the season has ended.
  4. Level 92, the beard was the thing i really wanted lol, so i hope to reach lvl 99 for the horse head but with only 6 dyas instead of 13 that the counter says i'm not sure i will make it to lvl 99. I think the timer is wrong, it gives the date of the end of the grace period, but it should give the date that progression ends, in my opinion.
  5. Xamian

    When does Season 2 end?

    I find this a little bit odd, there is a ranked season created but no one thought on what date it wil end? I think when you create a ranked season its one of the things that needs to be clear.
  6. Xamian

    Survival Points/ Season Rewards

    I'm at 4606 and have 93hrs playtime. Its mostly based on surviving, so getting a top 10 or win gives you more points then just killng people and end in the 50 or higher, but killing people does give a little extra points. Playing sanhok is the fastest way, because the games are faster there. My last game was Sanhok, ended 19 with 1 kill, it gave me 12 points, my playtime was 17 minutes. So if you take that roughly, you can do about 40 points in 1 hr but after 5K it goes even slower, before 4K it goes a bit faster then after 4k. I think if you end most of the time in de top 10 or 20 it will take you about 75hr to get that other 3k you need.
  7. Xamian

    It's been two weeks?

    Thats true, but... Why do they only say that after we beg for information, how hard is it to post a message "The dev team is working very hard on fixing rendering so there wont be a dev letter any time soon." Make that a news item even its just one line and we all know whats going on, now we wonder whats going on and the information is shatterded in posts at the forum and you can find it with some luck.
  8. Xamian

    Season rewards

    That sounds promising then, im only at 4531, i don't think i will get the 6k but i hope i will do and they mean really multiple rewards, i dont need another gasmask 😶
  9. Xamian

    Season rewards

    Ugh i was afraid for that. So now i really need to grind for that parachute, if the only reward i get is that gasmask and not all the rest. Thanks for the answer.
  10. Maybe a dumb question, but if i and up with 5k, i'm afraid 6k is not doable for me but i do try to get there, do we also get all the rewards from before that point or only the one that is your highest one?
  11. Xamian

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Haha, never looked at it that way, but now you said that i feel bit foolish 🤣 Maybe its time to give Microsoft some $ and change my name 🙄
  12. Xamian

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    I was tired that all the nice ones that i did choose where taken so i just ended up to a random one that microsoft provided lol.
  13. Xamian

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Thank you I did use pubganalyzer and the results of me there make me real depressive... https://www.pubganalyzer.com/?player=WickedTripod433&shard=xbox&mode=solo
  14. Xamian

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Sorry for the off topic question, but what site do you use for thoses stats? And then on topic. I know that feeling just this morning i wanted to quit too, i was again killed faster then i can blink my eyes. Thing is i have days that i have 1 kill a game and then days i have 5 games and 1 kill in that 5 games lol. Playing for more then a year now and my kd is just 0.5 and only 1 chicking. I keep trying to get better but i still feel like all other are like rambo, but maybe its me age and im just too old and slow for this game.