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  1. Its been confirmed as yes and planned for late summer
  2. Will it be a good thing or a bad thing for frames and rendering? That's my only concern really
  3. Same for me. If I have to pick up any random player at all it pulls up a random player from NA and puts me on there.
  4. I'm amazed at the rendering! Play on an xbox S and never gave in to buying an SSD, now I don't need one haha on Sanhok and Erangel the building are fully rendered before my feet hit the ground. So happy with the update!
  5. Not many people know unless they actually check but xbox worked with Scuf in making the elite controller. Here's the first article that popped up on Google https://venturebeat.com/2015/10/15/scuf-gaming-partners-with-microsoft-to-make-the-xbox-elite-controller-even-better/
  6. Exactly this! The long paddles get in the way of having any sort of grip on the controller. You could use all 4 but I'd imagine you would have to just rest the controller on top of your hands and develop spider like technique to actually make it work
  7. I bought an elite a month ago after my standard controllers LB got stuck in the on position. In my opinion £120 is ridiculous for a controller but if you're already considering it then I recommend you go for it! Easy remapping of all the buttons, extra long thumbstick for more accurate aiming, plus the paddles on the back are amazing for crouching while spraying On the other hand it's a totally different experience and it actually took me a couple days getting used to it. Also be prepared to fall out of a moving vehicle a few times by accident haha
  8. I think this problem can be replicated by swapping the order of your guns. From memory I'm not 100% sure, but it will be in auto when I pick it up, then if I change the order of my m4 and my sniper (so my auto can be my primary) it changes the firing mode back to single for some reason @PUBG_Andymh5
  9. Thought so, just incase. Because I'm back on and just backed out of 3 games in a row because it was Vikendi for 6 in a row, not joking! Each time I got in a game within 5 seconds, was on standard squads
  10. Did you download the latest update for PTS? It went out today, was 3.5 GB or so
  11. Thats strange I was just on and got games in a matter of seconds every time. Try restarting your game or something
  12. Played 3 in a row on Vikendi, something which I'll not get into on this one.. But the rendering was actually amazing! I use an xbox S completely standard, slow Internet speeds and was connecting to NA server from UK but even still I was impressed with this one! Looks like a good job on vikendi rendering at least, hoping the other maps are just as good
  13. Happened to me last night playing on vikendi, problem was I was with a friend from EU and 2 from NA. That means we can get either EU server or NA server depending on how the game feels that minute... Il try upload this clip for you, I full auto a guy enough times to kill him twice I'd say, he only has half health when I spectate
  14. Not like it hasn't been said before many times but being able to set the minimum player number to 2 would be great
  15. Everyone these days thinks they an spot a keyboard and mouse player. I don't believe it, it could just as easily be an elite controller with paddles on the back that allow people to move and aim/crouch at the same time. The games been out for a long time, of course people are going to have snap reactions with their controllers. Just excuses people come up with to put the blame on something but themselves
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