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  1. Don't believe you , else you haven't played from start
  2. i don't want an update at this point... i want a backdate to before they ruined this game to near unplayable by messing with rendering etc... it played better a bloody year ago
  3. I find this highly annoying too... I have been waking up between 3am to 4am lately and i cannot play my favourite game as it won't find a game in Europe...no matter how long I wait. I wouldn't care less for a bit of lag from NA or somewhere at that time of night/morning... I just want to play
  4. noticed it too ... game is running like crap... my aim is completely off (all bullets seem to miss) they screwed up bigtime
  5. I"ve been one shotted with a full health level 3 helmet before (by Kar 98) ... don't care what the stats etc say... it DOES happen
  6. Winning isn't a skill?! That is the WHOLE point of the game
  7. the current leaderboard hasn't even updated in over 2 weeks... they cant even get a crap leaderboard to work properly
  8. Dread to think what it's like without an ssd now... mine is a shit show since last patch even with an ssd on my 1x
  9. Yep... i have even fallen through the map in the lobby (xbox 1 x with ssd) ... they should be sued
  10. Bout ready to quit myself too - been playing since start... basically given up all hope now
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