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  1. If you want to see how it is dying - it dies slowly at first. Example - NA Solo FPP - very hard to play Miramar/Vikendi most nights. Not enough players. That will eventually work its way into Duos (which is all I play now since I can't play them solo), then other maps Solo, then Duos, Squads, etc. They tried fixing it with a revamp of quick join but it looks like they broke it again or people just got sick of going to those maps and gave up. Honestly a map DE-SELECT I think would work wonders here. They used to have it.
  2. Agreed. The map is big and beautiful. Alot of us like to loot in peace and by going toward the edges of the map we can do that here. I don't like Sanhok because you really have to go out of your way to loot in peace.
  3. I don't see any vehicles spawn % there. Just garages. But on Erangel, like Miramar, just follow the main roads and know where they might spawn. Especially if you want to go NW NE or the island. HAVE to know then.
  4. Holy Sh*t such awesomeness. Couldn't you see some helo getting taken out by the plane? God how great would that be. You'd have to put a ceiling on them and have them guzzle gas and be very easy to shoot down. Otherwise a dude could just sit there for 10 minutes and hover. Of course anyone who would do it would just be a target. But man THAT would be awesome.
  5. I frequently jump toward the edges - prison, military, that far off NW city. If you know where vehicles usually spawn (hint - roads) you should find them pretty easily. Usually I can loot in peace too, even in military.
  6. V.E.H.I.C.L.E. Gotta have one on Miramar. Should get you to the 4th-5th circle. Then you're on your own. I still am shocked when people say - "lets just run" to the 2nd circle or something. It's like DUDE, we'll be there in 30 seconds in a vehicle and can go to the middle and not worry about running the rest of the game! You sound like one of them!
  7. I always prefer Red Dot in every case, just because of the bulkyness of the holo. But you don't need to change the game to go off my wishes. I've used holo's plenty of times and they work alot of the times.
  8. Did it give you a time until it would open? Mine just said 2 people in Queue so I figured it was dead. They need to funnel people there from Quick Join. Maybe I'll try tonight. I am FPP NA too.
  9. Agree w/ Miramar being my favorite. Just to play the map I have to play Duos now. Happened again last night. Although I see it's either Miramar or Vikendi that is always dead. One or the other. They should really have a map DE-SELECT when doing quick join. That would help.
  10. Yeah I think it also has to do with the amount of people around there. I find it always seems to pop up in the most popular place where the most people have to get to zone thru. Drives me nuts sometimes. BUT - that is part of the game. Improvise, adapt, overcome. I think in 1,000's of games I've maybe been killed by the redzone 2-3 times. Many more times I've used the noise to mute my movement and get a better position.
  11. Let's hope this was just a one-time thing, but Miramar was dead last night FPP Solo - NA Prime time. Couldn't play it. They had previously fixed the quick join to help out the map situation, hope this is just a hiccup and it's not due to player count. Otherwise it's an ominous sign.
  12. I'm with @xTekx_1 . You come over this side and we'll lock yo ass in the prison. Usually have 1-2 vehicles over here too.
  13. This is a tremendous idea. Usually when you get it shot out you have a chance to drive somewhere close by and out of range to repair it before they chase you. Can't tell you how many games I'm just chugging along and then BOOM.
  14. First off, why did you have 100 rounds for the Kar98? Seems excessive. I only go 50-60. If it were an SLR it would be different. Second - I would have taken the buggy and likely gone here from the start. I love landing here at the beginning of the game (on the police station roof usually). After looting that and the school/mansion thing next to it, you are usually kitted out pretty well. Especially these days. The school/mansion thing gives you great wide viewing angles of the whole field and some escape windows (you mentioned). By chance it looks like you got a great circle for it and executed it well at the end.
  15. If you are really good with AR and recoil control (moving mouse down, etc), then I see no need for SMGs. ME, I am not great with AR recoil - HOWEVER - at very close range - like house fighting - I DO use auto AR's exclusively. Point being is that at that tiny range (0-10m) it's hard to miss, the target is big and the AR's pack more punch. However from 10-15 to 30m, I'll use a good SMG - Bison or Vector. Outside of 40-50m I have to use an AR single shot since I am poor at dealing with recoil. Except the M249, which I just use all the time since I spray and pray. Some of these people are masters at the M416 and controling the recoil. It's really crazy (or fishy).
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