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  1. ...maybe they should only ask me 😂
  2. @DeathSaint1Shot you know the advantage for the developers, that there are only 3 possible hardware configurations on this platform? The people don‘t need to search any problems with their hardware. Rendering problems are not a problem of internet connection at all. They have to fix many things, of course. But the lack of communication is 1st problem of all. Maybe they should set up the test server 1:1 to the live server and test things with the community. But not like the vikendi-thing. Communicate, hear some suggestions from the player base. Little steps. But progress people can see. They working weeks on things and push it to live servers and then they need the same time to fix it.
  3. sure? 🤪 sorry... but your post was a (...we would say in germany something like...) steep template. 😂
  4. Sorry... no one said they should use one platform only. But this is the official forum of PUBG. It was the first point of contact communicated in the splash screen of game preview. And that‘s why i‘m here. But in the past i‘m here to read that bla bla was posted on twitter or what ever. And imho... As long as this forum is official, news should be communicated here (too). If they want to post in on twitter, facebook or pornhub they should feel free to do it. But please... tell us the informations here too.
  5. The funny thing is... „will be shared at a later date“ on twitter or any other place. But not here, for sure. I really love this game, too. But the communication is really annoying. And i wanna say it again: I don‘t use twitter or any other social crap.
  6. Everything about this game should be communicated on this forum. I registered here, because this forum was called in the splash screen on game preview. I don‘t use twitter or any other social crap. My opinion.
  7. or simply give the chance to change the outfit in the lobby.
  8. I had the same thought with my 1TB. This is why i build in the 1TB in my OneX. Now the whole console is as fast as possible atm. Loading times in PUBG and other games... awesome. Absolute recommendation.
  9. @PUBG_Andymh5 NAT type is open and connection is wired (was wireless until 1-2 weeks ago) with 265mbit down / 40mbit up internet connection.
  10. An external SSD on your OG Xbox should help you very much. You don’t need a new Xbox 😉
  11. @PUBG_Andymh5 Same bug today again.... Spinning loading circle whole time after a match. Please fix this. I cannot download 20GB every week... 610BE4A0-78F0-4B42-97E4-61F67C6BE228.mp4
  12. Maybe we should shout: We want new stuff on the coupon shop! PUBG Devs listening to the people, they said.
  13. Got the same problem several times. Sometimes back to title screen help. But sometimes i need to do this a few times until the content of the mission tab appears. On saturday i had the whole time no problems with that (after putting an SSD intern in my One X, so i thought it was a local loading-related problem). But yesterday the mission tab was freaked up again. Should be on the prior-fix list imho.
  14. Today i took a 1TB Crucial MX500 into my One X. Cold boot with standard HDD: 1Min20Sec Cold boot with internal SSD: 40Sec PUBG start to main menu: Internal HDD & external Samsung Pro SSD 256GB (USB 3.0 rear port): 45Sec. Internal SSD: 33Sec.
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