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  1. MDK2000

    Erangel needs loot buff

    Exactly. Love the current loot on both the big maps. Will play them over Sanhok any day.
  2. MDK2000

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    Exactly. Sanhok is the path of least resistance. Small map, short game, WAY too much loot. The ability to only play that map has ruined the game.
  3. MDK2000

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    The game was cemented with Erengal and Mirimar. Sanhok was added after, what 30-40 million copies were sold. Sanhok sucks compared to the original maps. If Sanhok were to disappear, the effect would be negligible.
  4. Exactly. Loot is perfect for the big maps. It's more about skill then being fully kitted with your favorite weapons.
  5. MDK2000


    More guns = higher probability of imbalance. The game does not need more guns.
  6. MDK2000

    Sanhok killed Pubg

    ^^^ This
  7. MDK2000

    A letter from a long PUBG player

    Not a lot of your post makes much sense in a basic format for the game. I read through most of it just shaking my head. You clearly don't understand how matchmaking/servers work. While there may be 700k players online, they are spread out across the globe, over a dozen or more different regions. The 700k # is irrelevant. It's how many people are playing in your region AND in your mode. Skipped the rest. nonsensical, at best.
  8. MDK2000

    Game now is too much airdrop

    Been playing all morning, not seeing an issue. Just got #2 Duo with a vector and an SKS. Lvl 2 everything.
  9. You obviously never took any business classes. China is THE market for PUBG. Everything they do revolves around the Asian market. EU and NA are nothing when compared to the absolute massive buying power that came when China picked up the game.
  10. Sorry that you don't have the grey matter to figure it out on your own: https://pubgmap.io/telemetry/perspectives Worldwide, FPP is irrelevant.
  11. Baloney. Take a look at the stats, kid. Less then 1% of the Asian playerbase plays FPP. Most Asian servers don't even offer it as an option. https://pubgmap.io/telemetry/overview
  12. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Worldwide is worldwide. FPP is an afterthought in PUBG.
  13. It's big in EU (almost a 50/50 split), but not NA. FPP accounts for less then 20% of the NA player base. Worldwide, FPP is almost non existent. It's not even offered on a bunch of servers in Asia.
  14. MDK2000

    Quick Join is problematic

    I think this is more the result of the design, not the desire of the players. Players have been trained to single out the faster maps, not the ones they like. Prior to single map select, it wasn't an issue to get into Mirimar or Erengal with BR/MR map select.
  15. MDK2000

    Hosting private servers.

    There will not be private servers in PUBG. That's been stated repeatedly.