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  1. Jeezus, just stop. Read the fine print before posting this crap. USERS MUST OPEN A US STEAM ACCOUNT TO USE OUR SERVICE. Except they can't. In China.
  2. Integrity check downloaded a single 1 meg file. Will fire it up and see if it changed anything!
  3. Gah, another clueless newb. If the CHINESE game client is region locked and ONLY connects to AS/SEA servers, VPN is irrelevant. Not sure why you twits struggle with that concept. There is NO OPTION, period, to go OOR. The game client doesn't even see or know about NA/EU etc. They have, and are. You don't only do one or the other, YOU DO BOTH. I was referring to the ingame report function. Those don't get looked at. I also would hope that manual submissions with video get looked at. You haven't. This is the only forum I frequent under this name.
  4. Uhhh, no. Steam doesn't care, nor will they care.
  5. Yes, let's give cheaters a bigger reason to cheat!
  6. Jumped out of the plane, and can't see anything on the ground. Even the bridges take forever to finally render. Military looks like a big chunk of concrete!
  7. Too late, bought it. Level 5. I've got just about 2000 hours played, and still enjoy the crap out of the game. If my only monetary support is buying a season pass, then I am good with that.
  8. It has nothing to do with being stubborn. You clearly don't understand the genre and style of the game. At NO POINT is reviving a DEAD teammate something that should be considered for PUBG. It's unrealistic in a realism based game. Get that through your head.
  9. PUBG doesn't have a problem, you have a problem. They certainly don't need to cater to the 1% of the population with crappy internet.
  10. You do realize that no one cares? Have you read all the responses? They are the same. Stupid idea. Go play apex if you want that crap. It does not belong in PUBG, at all.
  11. Maybe you should do some reading on those cards, they are region locked as well. Again, nice try. Doesn't work. Here is a hint. Steam is MUCh smarter then you. They have it locked down. Read any report about it, and you'll keep seeing the same thing. There is no way to bypass the region locking.
  12. Based on the reports that of the millions of cheaters banned from pubg, the vast majority of them are from China. If you've paid attention, you'd know that was common knowledge provided by BattleEye. Region locking Asia would let them all play amongst themselves. Just like they should. Not high, just smarter then you, obviously. It's still a split, no matter how you try to spin it.
  13. Click it and forget items do NOT belong in this game. It takes no skill to call in an air strike. Which means the guy on the other end is dying to the equivalent of a claymore. Other "call in" items DO NOT KILL PLAYERS IMMEDIATELY.
  14. Nobody watches the videos, it is report only. After X reports, they get a temp or perm ban depending on however they have it configured to work.
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